Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


73. Tuxedos

3   d a y s   t i l l   t h e   w e d d i n g . . . 




Holding the tuxedo up to my body, I stared into the mirror in front of me,


I sighed, throwing it onto the chair along with ten other discarded outfits. I turned to Louis who was buttoning up the jacket on his tuxedo,

"That looks great on you Lou."

"Haha, thanks mate. Have you found one yet?"

he said, turning to face me whilst adjusting the collar on the white shirt,

"Nope. Not yet anyway. None of them seem to look good on me, they all seem so... I don't know. Weird."

I spoke in an agonised tone, we'd been in several different shops already and Dolce & Gabbana was where we sat then. Louis span around in his tux and smiled at me before walking out of the changing rooms and into the main shop,

"Where are you going?!"

I yelled, there was no reply. Suddenly, the curtains swung open and I immediately covered myself up, I'd been sitting on an armchair in simply a pair of boxers as I didn't see the point of putting my clothes back on if I just had to take them off again to try more tuxedos on,

"It's just me."

Louis laughed, I grinned and stood up straight again to ask where he'd been,

"Here. I found these on my hunt for a matching tie for me."

he handed me a tuxedo, bow tie and a pair of black shoes in the size 10,

"Omigod, thanks Lou!"

I gasped in admiration at the full outfit in front of my eyes. The jacket and trousers themselves were a midnight black whereas the shirt was the traditional startling white and the bow tie was indigo,

"I take it you like it then?"

he grinned,


I hugged him on the spot, grabbing hold of his back and squeezing him tight, smiling with my eyes closed to the sound of his laugh. I pulled away from him and climbed into the outfit, pulling the bow tie tight and turning towards the full length mirror,

"This is out. I'm getting this one."

"Phew, we can finally get out of here."

We smiled at each other again before changing into our original clothes and picking up the tuxedos we were going to buy. Louis approached the counter first,

"Are you two buying together?"

asked the lady serving him,



I began to frown at Louis in confusion, 

"I thought we were paying separately."

I mouthed but he shook his head,

"My treat."

my mouth twitched into a small smile and I handed him my hanger, shoes and bow tie,

"That's £2100 please."

Louis stuck the card in the machine and waited until it beeped in approval, 

"Here's your bags. Thank you."

she said handing Louis and I the bags,

"Thanks Lou."


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