Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


77. The Wedding - Part 2



"I think a neutral look would suit you beautifully doll." smiled the make up artist as she span the chair round so I would face the mirror. I nodded and flashed a nervous smile of appreciation. As the make up artist patted my face with foundation, I heard the door creak and in the reflection of the mirror, saw Carol, "Hally!!" she squealed, walking quickly towards me in her platform heels, "You look a-mazing!" "Carol, its so good to see you, and thanks!" She gave me a quick one armed hug before sitting herself in the other make up artists chair next to me, "So, hows it been?" she smiled, "Oh... You know," I began nervously, twirling my fingers around each other nervously, "the same old. You?" "Its been good, California is so pretty, you know? I just really can't believe how crazy its been in the last year..." I nodded in agreement as the artist finished patting on my powder, "Okay love, so we'll be using the Naked palette by Urban Decay on your eyes for a nice glowing look which will take a little while so make sure your comfortable." she said in a comforting voice whilst spinning the chair towards herself a bit more, "How's treatment?" I immediatly froze. Carol stared at me, as if she had yelled instead of whispering. I began to shake, my heartrate had rapidly increased and I was panting as if I had just ran 10 miles withput a rest, "Just don't get a doctor okay. She just needs some quiet and a drink of cold water, can you excuse us please, just for a second?" All four artists nodded and left the room, whilst Anne and Tess grabbed each of my hands and rubbed them gently, "Its okay." Carol whispered soothingly, smoothing out my hair and hugging me tightly, "It'll be okay honey. Just think about Harry and how he'll be waiting down the isle for you, with those loving hands and dazzling eyes." I took a deep long breath and sagged back into my chair, "I'm alright. They can come back in now." I sighed, my throat aching from the breathing. The make up artists were called back in and carried on with the make up process without another word on the matter. About 20 minutes later and mine, Anne, Tess and Carol's hair and make up was done. I stared at Anne, Tess and Carol, in awe of their beautiful faces and hair, "Dress time!" they all smiled and we ran from that room the next, gasping as we entered the room. There was two stylists staring at us as we came to a halt, "Hello girls." spoke the first stylist, a large grin on his face, "Harry instructed us to style you all for the reception and party afterwards, as you already have the dresses for the ceremony itself." 8 outfits and a long hug later... "Its time for the dresses." I said, trying to smile. I let them dress me and pull the ribbons on the back of the dress tightly and I dressed all the other girls, hugging each one as they kissed my cheek spoke Carol in a hushed tone. I immediately froze up. Not moving a limb. My breathing suddenly increased " and I began to pant, grabbing my chest and clutching it tightly, "Somebody get a doctor!" screamed the make up artist in a Californian accent, "No." Carol said forcefully, intruding on the frightened woman, "Its a panic attack"

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