Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


76. The Wedding - Part 1




The alarm burst my bubble of a dream. My eyes opened slowly, my vision gradually focusing onto the ceiling above me. I suddenly smiled in realisation, it was the day. I, Hally Anne Richardson, was getting married to the love of my life, Harold Edward Styles, the world famous superstar. I put my hand in front of my face and admired the diamond encrusted engagement ring, gently placed on my finger by the one himself. There was no time to waste, it was 4am and I had so much to do. I slid the covers off of my body and shook awake my two bridesmaids, Annie and Tess,

"Wake up." I whispered, watching as they both yawned loudly, arms stretching as far above them as possible,

"Congratulations." croaked Annie, her voice rough from the amount of drink she'd had at the makeshift bachelorette party the night before,

"We've got to be out of here by 5." I said quietly, shaking both their shoulders in an effort for them to wake up properly,

"Yes Hally, we're coming." spoke Tess, slightly irritated at how little sleep she'd had; the excitement in her voice was still easy to hear despite that. I smiled at the simple skater skirt and white cropped top I'd forgotten I'd laid out the night before. I didn't bother with makeup as Harry had organised for that when the make up artist came, but moisturized my face and apply body butter, I needed to look perfect, without fail. The light filtering in from the curtains was so beautiful that I just had to see what lay behind the fabric. My hands parted the curtains and I grinned broadly at California, watching it smile back at me. Harry had flown us out the day before and we'd arrived in the dark, just giving us a few hours for the 'bachelorette party',

"It's beautiful." I sighed, "I love him so much."





I sat up in my bed, heart already pounding, butterflies flying in and out through my chest. It was the day. I flew out of bed and shook Louis awake,

"Louis, are you up?"

"Yeah, now I am." he groaned rolling over. I shook him again before grabbing hold of my suit and smiling in the mirror.



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