Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


57. The Phone Call




I managed a small grin at the two girls laying on the bed in front of me,

"So how much do you weigh?"

Annie said, smiling at me, making sure that I knew she wasn't going to make fun of it,

"57 pounds."

"Wow, your the skinniest here Hally! That's only 4 stones, your really underweight love.  Me and Tess are the same at the moment, they've got us to 85 pounds already. How do you even move around being so thin?"

I shrugged my shoulders, I hadn't the faintest clue. When I started losing weight I was at 105 pounds, under 8 stone, I was moving around easily and I wasn't thin. I was huge.  But suddenly the thought of Harry came back into my mind. I had to be 100 pounds before they'd release me and  I was 50 pounds away. I silently sobbed into my sleeve, biting my knuckles to stop myself being heard,

"What's wrong?"

asked Tess, putting her arm around my shoulder,

"Is it Harry?"

I nodded, tears falling from both eyes as they both wrapped their arms around me. I knew it would be months before we could be back together again and the fact that we were engaged broke my heart even more. I yearned for the touch of his hands on my skin, the feel of his lips on mine, the brush of his hair on my forehead and the feeling of being loved that he gave me. I suddenly remembered that we were allowed a visitor a week and two phone calls a week,

"When did I arrive here?"

I managed to say whilst wiping away the last couple of tears,

"Seven days ago, so a week."

Annie smiled, stroking my back kindly,

"Can I call someone whenever I want?"

"Yeah, you just need to go ask the matron and she'll give you your mobile temporarily for the number if you can't remember it."

It was my turn to smile,

"Thanks, your a true friend you know that."

We both hugged, I got up from the bed I was sitting on and opened the door. My feet took me down the corridor and my knuckles wrapped on the door labelled 'Matron',

"Come in."

Matron's voice yelled from behind the door,

"How can I help you Hally?"

She smiled, turning her chunky body to face me,

"I was um, wondering if I could have my phone quickly? I want to call someone."

"Sure sweetie, here you go."

I nodded at her in appreciation and stepped out into the corridor again, making my way towards a phone booth. It was small and cramped with a wooden stall sitting in the middle and chipboard walls, there wasn't even a door. I quickly unlocked my phone and skimmed through my contacts until I found Harry's name. I didn't want to use the payphone on the wall as I had no money so I simply dialed it through my own phone. 

It began to ring, my leg was shaking up and down, I felt so nervous, we hadn't spoken to each other in a week and he'd been diagnosed with depression just because of me. It rung four times before I heard a choked up voice on the other side,


I was stunned into silence, so much that I began to cry,

"Harry, it's me."


"Yeah, I've missed you so much."

I sobbed, putting my hand over my mouth in utter grief whilst crying,

"Oh my god. I love you!"

I heard him croak down the phone, I could hear him fall down onto what seemed to be his bed and cry. It was just amazing to hear his voice, it had only been a week and yet it felt like months, 

"I love you so much Harry."

I cried, my voice barely managing to say words,

"I just love you so much."

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