Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


7. Tell The World




His voice kept sending shivers through my spine, I couldn't help but feel slightly unreal everytime he said my name,

"Yes Harry?"

Even when I said his name it seemed unreal, like I was just making it up and it was all just an amazing dream which I would wake up from at any time,

"Can I have your number babe?"

I knodded and went over to my bag. I pulled out my iPhone and read out my number, slowly and precisely to him,


"Thanks babe." he put his arm around my shoulder. I was close to hyperventilating.

"Can we watch the tv?"


He picked up the remote and pressed the on button, I smiled at him when he looked at me. His eyes were an amazing green, mesmerising and.... Beautiful. I heard him snigger slightly. It was the news, I turned my head to see what it was. Oh no, Oh no no no no no no!

"Harry Styles Exits One Direction Concert Early to Help Girl Having An Epileptic Fit.

Harry Styles, the teen hearthrob, from the number 1 pop band One Direction, stops singing when he notices 16 year old girl, Hally Richardson, having an epileptic fit due to the lighting on stage. Hally has fully recovered and is currently staying with Harry and his bandmates in their tourbus."

When the newsreporter had finished speaking. I sighed in relief, they hadn't given out my twitter name or anything so hopefully it wouldn't effect me, besides, no one even knew that I was going to date Harry anyway, not even Louis, Liam, Zayn or Niall knew yet, but I had a feeling they were about too.

"Hey, I'm taking Hally on a date next week so I'll have to miss pizza night, sorry!"

Louis chuckled slighty,

"It's alright curly," he grinned, "I'm taking Eleanor out next week too, I'm going to surprise her by flying out to her."

"Yeah Harry, I'm going to take Danielle out that day too."

Niall suddenly looked exremely sad, "But I don't have a girlfriend!"

"Don't worry girly," Zayn said sweetily, "I'll stay with you, Perries on tour next week so I'll be a little girly loser with you."

Niall punched him in the arm but smiled at him kindly too, I felt kind of awkward. All the other boys were dating models, dancers and singers but all Harry had was an average girl in secondary school. I bet this is going to be such a short relationship. Maybe I shouldn't bother at all, it might bring his populatrity down and get him abuse on twitter. I really shouldn't go out with him. This was all just a big mistake, I'm going to tell him this on our date, omg.... I'm now so nervous....


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