Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


18. Tears



Her high pitched scream darted from the bathroom. I couldn't describe the shiver it sent through my spine as soon as the noise reached my ears. I couldn't do anything except for run to where the noise had erupted from along with all the boys and Carol. I hammered on the door with my fists, yelling her name, there was no response but I looked around and Zayn wasn't with us. He was in there with her. I pounded on the door more urgently and frantically than before. I needed to talk to Zayn but more importantly I had to get to Hally, there was no noise coming from in there, we were the ones making the most amount of noise. I was yelling her name but still no response. Suddenly there was  a click of the latch coming undone from inside. The door swung upon like a bullet being fired from a gun. Her face emerged from behind the door, grief stricken and pale. I grabbed her in my arms, gently kissing her head before leading her into her room and placing her on the floor. I slammed the glass doors shut before sitting cross legged beside the shivering wreck which was my girlfriend,

"What happened in there?"

my voice was gentle and soothing, I placed a hand on her back as in the background a flash of lightning struck land. There was knocking at the door, I pulled back the curtain and saw it was only Carol, I glanced at Hally and she was nodding. Carol jumped through the gap in the door I just made and planted herself next to Hally, rubbing her back and hugging her like any best friend should.

"Hally, tell us what happened. You really freaked us out, well, you still are."

A deep rumble of thunder came blasting through the building, making Hally shiver even more and making Carol jump, I could hear her muttering something,

"Zayn.... Zayn...."

Tears where streaming down her face, oh I knew exactly what had happened now! Zayn was trying to kiss her and by the looks of it worse than last time.

"Zayn kissed you Hally didn't he?"

She knodded her head warily, I immediatly stood up. How dare he try to kiss my girlfriend, again! She told him the first time and-and... I pulled the doors vigriously open and witnessed the boys watching tv. I was mentally saying all the swearwords I knew, screaming them in my head, just imagining his reaction. I silently walked over to him, my converse shoes miraculously not making any noise on the wooden floor. In a flash, I had grabbed the hood of his jumper and slammed him against the wall,


Zayn looked shocked, like he didn't even know what he had done to Hally. I desperately wanted to slap that stupid grin off his face,

"STOP SMILING! Damn it Zayn! I thought you were my friend!"

I ripped my hand away from his jumper and glared at him, I wasn't finished,

"We were best friends, and you know what you just did? You just ruined our friendship, trust and any good feelings I had for you. Oh, and you ruined my girlfriend. Thanks for that."

I began to walk away, distraught that I had just had my first aguement with a band member when Zayn grabbed my arm,

"No wait Harry. I'm sorry it's jus-"

"It's just what Zayn, it's just what?"

I was literally spitting out those words, angry as hell with him,

"It's just... She gives me this feeling and it's like I can't control what I'm doing anymore. I can't describe it, at all."


I muttered,

"just stay away from my girlfriend."

I pulled his hand away from my arm and stepped into the room again, she was still shivering and pale. Carol hadn't managed to get anything out of her yet.


I whispered into her ear,

"I've got to go but remember this till we meet again tomorrow evening, I love you."

She knodded and a single tear fell from her left eye, she spoke a shaken and petrified tone,

"I love you too."


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