Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


15. Taxi Journey



I pulled the front door open for Hally but Louis pushed past in front of her and he laughed into my ear,

"Aw! Thanks babz!"

I grinned at him before gliding Hally through the door. Niall and Carol followed along with the rest of the boys. When we got outside the building, Liam, Louis and Zayn split away from us though and jumped into a cab,

"SEE YA!" yelled Zayn from inside the cab and through the tinted glass I could see Zayn wink at Hally and smile at her cheekily. My eyes widened and I suddenly became furious at him. What the hell was he doing?!? He knew perfectly well that I was dating Hally! I suddenly hated him, we needed to talk.




I tried to ignore what Zayn had just done but it was obvious Harry wasn't.

"Hally! How could you let him do that to you?!?"

"I don't know what else to do Hazza, I've already told him that I don't love him."

I was staring at him, he had to believe it. I wasn't worrying about Niall or Carol hearing our conversation because they were too involved in their own vivid talk about what they did last night,

Harry was staring at me, trying to read my face but failed because our taxi arrived. He put his hand on my back and led me into the taxi, I sat down and he told me not to look out of the window till we got there.


"Because it's a surprise babe."

Harry told Niall to tell Carol that too, I smiled at Carol and grinned madly at me.

"So, let's talk about something else. What's your favourite food?"

"Ohh! That's a hard one I really like taco's and I lov-"


I burst out laughing and so did Niall,

"Yes Harry, we know your a taco addict."

I heard my phone buzz in my bag and pulled it out. There were 2 unread messges, I unlocked my phone and read the first.

I love you Hally and nothing can change that xx <3 xx

It was sent at 01:30, he sent it after I fell asleep? Aw... That is really sweet, I noticed that he saw me opening the message and smiled at me. I smiled back and opened the next message.

Omg!!! You'll never believe what happened last night!!! xx

It was from Carol and it was sent only a minute ago. I texted back.

What happened???? xx

Once it had sent she almost instantly replied, I watched her take out her touchscreen Blackberry Bold and reply to my text. Another beep from my phone. I glanced down to see what it said.

It.... Happened with Niall!!! I'm XD at the moment!!! xx

My eyes widened. WOW. Harry saw what the text said and pulled an odd face at me and pointed to Niall and Carol. I knodded and he smirked, he turned to whisper something into Niall's ear. Niall suddenly blushed a bright pink and managed a crooked smile. Harry looked over to Carol who was playing a game and smiled. There was another text on my phone, I opened it and it was from Harry.

We are nearly there <3 xxx

It was sent 2 minutes ago and the car suddenly stopped. There was a loud voice coming from the front of the taxi,

"We're there."

Harry grabbed hold of my hand as I climbed out of the car, Harry threw a £20 note at the driver and told him to keep the change.

"Close your eyes."

Niall and Harry spoke at the same time and covered up our eyes with their hands. I could hear a faint hello from my side and their was a different lightning and smell.

"Open your eyes Halls."

They removed their hands and me and Carol gasped.



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