Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


10. Spin The Bottle



I can't believe that Hally has invited me to a sleepover with.... ONE DIRECTION! I might get to meet Niall! Omg. I have to pack my best clothes, not to skimpy though, I didn't want Niall and the boys thinking I was common. I opened my wardrobe and skimmed through all the clothes. Green Jack Wills sweater, cute and Niall is irish, I threw that in my bag, I carried on looking in my wardrobe. Orange stripey shorts, what the heck are they doing in my wardrobe?!? American Flag shorts, definately! Penguin pajamas, totally, cute as heck! I was nearly done, I needed to change though. I pulled on a bird print peter pan colar shirt and white shorts. Throwing my bag over my shoulder, I quickly remembered that I needed make up and threw that in my floral print backpack too. I was literally bursting with excitement. I couldn't wait!




Carol arrived only 5 minutes after I called her, I was waiting for her to arrive before I called Harry.

I opened up my contacts, Carol was nearly bursting. I selected Harry Styles and it began dialling,

"Hally! I knew it wouldn't be long before you'd call again babe."

"Hi Harry, I was just umm.... Wondering if you errr.... Wanted to come for a sleepover, tonight?"

"Um... Sure babe, do you want me to bring all the boys with me, we're not busy tonight?"

"Oh yes please!"

I smiled at the phone and I had a strong feeling that he did too,

"So see you an hour then?"

"Yep, see you then, I live at number 9, Chase Avenue, Relmstowe! Can't wait!"

"Neither can I," he whispered, "neither can I..." I hung up on him and smiled at Carol. We both jumped up and down in excitment. We needed to rearange the room so we could all sleep in the same place, I decided that the lounge would be best for this since the tv was there too. Carol helped me push the sofas to the back of the room, leaving a large space for me to put down the three double blow up mattresses and cover them in blankets and pillows. I changed into my Jack Wills Trackie bottoms and a white hollister cropped top. There was a gentle rap at the door. I put on the safety chain and opened the door,

"Hi Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn!"

"Heeeeey Hally, can we come in?"

Harry said in a quiet voice,

"Yep, hold on a sec." I undid the chain and opened the door fully. Wow. Harry looked amazing! He was practically wearing the same thing as me except his trackies were hollister and his top was Ralph Lauren.

"You look great." we both said in sychronisation, we both laughed and I kissed his cheek.

"It's nice to see you, haven't seen you in like.. 3 hours!"

"Such a long time then!" we smiled again. I hugged all of the boys as they walked through the door, "Boys, meet Carol, she's my best friend who was at the concert with me."

All the boys wandered over to Carol politely and hugged her. She gripped hold of Niall and hugged him tightly first. She didn't hug any of the other boys as enthusiastically but she still enjoyed it I could tell.

"Anyone want pizza?"


All the boys and Carol were obviously food fanatics, I already knew that Carol and Niall were but Harry loving food? Oh well. I picked up my phone and ordered 4 large cheese and tomato pizzas and a massive bottle of Coca Cola. It arrived when we had just started to watch the movie, which was very unconvinient as Harry had just began to put his arm over my shoulder when a loud knock was at the door. To my surprise, Harry opened the door and paid his own money for the food, "Oh Harry, you shouldn't have! Do you want me to pay you back?" I ran and got my purse, "How much was that... £20? £19?" He pushed my hand away, "No, I don't want your money."

"No Harry, I insist, I need to return the favour, you practically saved my life yesterday."

"No, I will not accept it, as your boyfriend, I demand you put that money back and carry on watching the movie with the rest of us."

"Come on Hally, he won't give up, like Louis."

laughed Liam,

"Hello? Sitting right here!" Louis punched his arm but laughed still,

"I give up, and your my boyfriend?"

"Of course Halls!"

I smiled and sat down with everyone else. Harry came and sat down next me, he put both his arms around me and pulled my head onto his shoulder. I put my arms around his waist and smiled. In the just under a day that I had actually known him, we had gotten this close. But actually, now that I think about it, a year ago I started sending letters to him.

I would tell him everything that was happening in my life, I guess he got to know me then. I didn't acutally believe that he was reading them, pulling in all the emotions from my dead boring life. We were watching Titanic, it was now at the part where Jack is drawing Rose um... Naked. It was more than awkward. I didn't know what to do so I put my head on Harrys chest and listened to his heartbeat with my eyes closed. His heart began thumping slightly more rapidly when I put my hand on his chest too. It was kind of amazing to know that's what happened when I put my hand on his chest, that I had that sort of heart pounding effect on him, it was sweet. I smiled, when I looked up the ship was nearly sinking. Time had gone extremely fast and I looked to see what happened to the pizza and it was all gone, except for one piece in front of me,

"I thought you might want some Halls." whispered Harry when he saw me look at the slice, I smiled gratefully at him and ate took a large bite. It was luke warm, not very pleasant but I was starving so I threw it all down my throat anyway. There wasn't any Coca Cola left but I suddenly had a great idea, I was disrupted by the movie though. This was the part where I always cried and I mean always.

"Jack, Jack wake up."

The tears had already welled up and began to drop from my eyes and run down my cheeks in short flows. "Hally! Whats the matter?" Harry whispered in my ear, "It's the movie..." I replyed, god I must of looked dreadful, "Come here babe." He pulled me towards him and wiped all of my tears away tenderly with his thumb, I tried to manage a smile. I thought for all the world he would kiss me, then and there, on the lips this time. A passionate and meaningful kiss but I guess the moment wasn't right, for me it was but for him it just wasn't it. The movie ended on a passionate note for Carol. She got her kiss alright, when me and Harry turned to look at them, I was stunned to see them both laying down french kissing. Well... She must be pleased. I smiled at her, but her eyes would closed so she wouldn't of been able to see me. Well, I knew she loved him but to french kiss him after only knowing him for 3 hours? That is love at first sight, reallly sweet. Louis and Liam were starting to get bored and were now singing random songs, they are stunning singers so why not show it off? It was time for Spin The Bottle. It was 9pm already and we needed to start it now to get a good game out of it. I grabbed hold of the glass Coca Cola bottle and said in a loud enough voice to be heard over Louis and Liam, "We're going to play Spin The Bottle."

Niall and Carol pulled away from eachover, he smiled a cheeky smile at her first and she smiled her sauciest smile back. Woah. We all sat round into a circle and I smiled at Harry.

"So, who's going to go first?" I yelled, I was yelling all because Louis, Liam and Zayn this time were making a racket, again

"I will." Harry put his hand on the bottle and flicked it proffesionally. It span for what seemed like minutes and it landed on Harry. I stifled a laugh and he span it again,

"Harry you have to kiss..." the bottle span round and round before landing on Louis. Everyone burst out into laughter but Louis and Harry looked hesitant.

"Haven't you two ever heard of Larry Stylinson?" they both laughed and Louis mumbled,

"Come here baby!" Harry literally jumped on him and they kissed, not a romantic kiss though, just a joke. That's all. I didn't feel jealous because it's just a bromance, it's not like they have a proper romantic spark. "That's enough now," laughed Zayn whilst Harry sat down, "my turn!"

Zayn span the bottle quickly and it landed on me. "This time it's french kiss!" I sighed and shot him a menacing glare but he just grinned at me. He span it again, "Hally will be french kissing..." the bottle began to slow down, I was wishing my heart off that it would land on Harry but it slowly shuffled past him, and very slowly past me to land on the person sitting next to me. Oh. God. I had to french kiss Zayn. I liked Zayn and all but I didn't want to french kiss him, kiss, maybe but not french kiss. Louis laughed, "Go into Halls room and come back when your done, don't be too long though, we don't want things too hot up that much!" Liam burst into laughter for no particular reason as Louis hadn't been that funny really. Zayn stood, but I hesitated, "Come on! It's only a game Hall!" I stood up, but I didn't like where this was going. He took my hand, I lead him to my room and that's where it started to get uncomfortable. He pushed me against the wall and started to kiss me, really gently at first but he roughened up after at least a minute. At first I kissed him back just as much but when it got really rough I stopped, "Why do you stop baby?" I didn't like it I really didn't like this game anymore, it was a really bad idea, "Because Zayn this is just a game. It's not meant to go this far." He sighed a deep sigh, "But Hally, I love you, I've read your letters that you sent to Harry, I feel like I really know you. I've been bursting to meet you for months and now the time is here, I want to make it real special." I gasped, "Zayn, I'm sorry. I don't love you. I like you and all but I kind of love Harry, I'm not going to cheat on him with his band member, it would ruin your bands amazing friendship, I can't do that, I'm sorry." I pulled away from him and pushed his hands away from my cheeks. I stepped out of my sliding doors and sat down in the circle again by Harry and rested my head on his shoulder. "What happened in there Halls? You look really pale?"

"I'll tell you later..." The game continued but I just wasn't having fun. It'd got too serious. The next spin was Niall and Carol, they were gone in my room for at least 5 minutes when they came out, all their clothes were ruffled and we all ooed and eered, then the spin after that was Liam and Louis, then Carol and Niall again and lastly Zayn and Liam. I knew it hadn't been a good idea. I think I was the only one being so tense about this game, everyone else seemed really relaxed. I can't believe how fast it turned from amazing to really bad....


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