Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


20. One Thing



I don't think that I'd ever believed in love at first sight even though I was all for kissing on the first date. Caroline Anderson was the person who'd made me believe in love at first sight and she was the reason that I was going to the campout. I had to admit, I had kind of fancied Hally when we first met her but I soon discovered at the sleepover, that I prefered loud and outgoing girls, just like Carol. That night that I sang to Carol, it was like we had connected mentally in some way, like we'd known eachover for years. We didn't just kiss that night and maybe do some other stuff, we sang to eachover and that was something that warmed my heart, I don't know why but knowing that she could sing was a really good feeling. That sounds weird but I love her and just need to tell her. The campout, I'd tell her at the campout! That would be so romantic too, girls love all that romantic stuff.




Liam's words were so true but I couldn't help feeling as though they were just lies. How would he work it out without hurting Hally anymore? The campout will be when hopefully everything falls into place and me and Hally will become more than just friends with benefits. When we got to our homes, I jumped out with Louis and when we got into our flat I had to tell everything. Louis was much more understanding than I thought he'd be, he knodded and never interjected at all, which was really surprising,

"And so when we were in the flat he had her against the wall and was kissing her against her will."

"Wow. Really?"

I knodded and took a deep breath,

"So Zayn really likes her by the sound of it."

"Lou, I already knew that it's just I love her and I don't know what to do about Zayn. We were like brothers before I met Hally and now we're like worst enemies and the last thing I want is to split the band up."

He knodded and ruffled my curls,

"Look Harry, I know you love this girl but you need to get Zayn away without bringing any arguements. And I agree, we're like brothers and our worst nightmare is splitting up over just a girl."

I knodded but flinched as soon as he said 'just a girl',

"Just a girl???"

I growled,

"Harry! I didn't mean it in that way! No offence to her at all, I mean she's quite hot really..."

I glared at him but hugged him,

"Thanks mate, you'll always be a brother to me though."

he laughed,

"I know, I'm that awesome and yeah we're brothers, forever."

he hit my back kindly and I decided to go to bed, I was absoloutly knackered and needed some sleep for the next day.




When I slammed the door to the flat, I couldn't help but have One Thing in my head. It fitted into everything I was going through, except for the pain and losing a brother.

"Get out get out get out of my head

and fall into my arms instead,

I don't I don't don't know what it is

but I need that One Thing and

you've got that One Thing."

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