Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


31. Never Let Go



I woke up in a white room, in a white bed, in a blue robe. I lifted my head as soon as I remembered what happened to Hally but I plummeted back onto the covers when a surging and furious pain struck in my head. I'd gone crazy last night, they had to sedate me and put me to sleep. I looked at the clock on my bedside table, it was midday, I'd been sleeping for a lot longer than normal. I struggled to my feet, the pain nearly umbearable and slid along the ward to Hally's room.

The drone of the machines reminded me of the night before and I began to gasp as I saw the damage that was left. I'd cracked the screen of the life support. If that had broken I could've... Killed her?!?

"Crap... What did I do?!?!?"

I fell to my knees and burst into tears, not only had I nearly commit suicide, I'd nearly killed the one I loved too?

I froze solid when I heard a quiet and croaky voice from behind me,


I slowly turned towards the voice, my head throbbing in agony,


My hand found it's way into her grasp and we sat silent, staring into eachovers eyes,

"I heard screaming last night. Was-was-was it you?"

I shook my head in dismay, using the hand that wasn't holding hers to wipe away the tears,

"Yes. I had a... Mental breakdown."

My eyes widened in horror, the overwhelming expression sent a river of tears trickling down my face,


"I couldn't take it Hally,"

I sobbed, my voice breaking at each word,

"the pain was unbearable, it still is. Do you know how it feels to be lonely? Like there is no one in the world who knows what your going through. The mental breakdowns, they'd never been that bad. I was a happy go lucky kid you know, all the pain just... Struck me like a knife to heart."

She seemed to be crying harder than I was, I suspected it was the pain,

"I love you Harry."

I knodded crazily and managed to croak,

"I love you more."

"Promise me this Harry."

I knodded crazily again and squeezed her hand just that little bit harder,

"Never let go."

"I'd never think of it."

We stared into eachovers eyes again, seeming to be reading eachovers minds. It was all interupted by the door flying open.

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