Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


30. My Love Lies Bleeding



She didn't just love me, she adored me. Her eyes lit up around me and those lips were suffocating so how could this love not be forever? We didn't live far away, we loved just minutes away so it wasn't anything to do with not seeing eachover.

The green canvas tent was slowly fading into darkness as I lay still beside her. Her breathing was constant and steady and I could see the shadow of her chest rising and falling with every breath. She's not my type. I thought. She's beautiful but too generic.

I wasn't judging a girl by her cover, I was judging her by the blurb on the back. Carol wasn't the easy type to read, the easy type to see through. She was painstakingly hard to understand and that wasn't what I wanted.

I wanted that girl who'd curl around me and sing me to sleep, I wanted that girl who didn't just want me for my looks, I wanted that girl who loved me. Suddenly there was a voice.

"Niall, promise you won't laugh."

I turned over to see Carol's face lit up by a torch,

"Depends really, if it's laughable or ser-"

"Promise Niall."

I dithered slightly, what was she going to say? If it was bad how could I promise? I couldn't keep her waiting any longer so I conciously knodded,

"I... Promise."

"Well, we've been dating a few days and I really do like you so I have to say it..."

I knew I shouldn't of promised to this as soon as she said dating,

"I'm pregnant."





I could feel my cheeks burning when his mouth dropped open and there was utter silence, I knew it was too soon. I knew I should of used protection when we made love but I didn't think, it'd come so sudden and I didn't think that I would be doing that sort of thing with someone I'd just met but, oh... It was just so amazing,

"Who-who-who's the father?"

he whispered nervously, I saw his hand shaking and I took a large and deep breath,


It was silent and I didn't think my cheeks would get any redder but they did. Niall cleared his throat and so I waited for him to speak,


"Yes Niall?"

His voice shook nervously and I braced myself for the best, always thinking positive that's me.





"I'm breaking up with you."

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