Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


26. Moments



My heart was pounding so hard against my ribs that I thought it was going to burst out at any second. Harry was laying beside me, his beautiful hair was swept away from his eyes and he was reading me Meltdown.

"'No!' Jimmy protested."

yelled Harry as I burst into fits of laughter, I pushed the book away from his face and bit my fists to try to stop laughing. It was a total Directioner thing.




She was so beautiful, her hands had swept my hair away from my eyes and I couldn't help but stare at hers at the same time. They were a beautiful deep brown, myserious and intreaging, but totally and utterly amazing. Her hands touched my skin and I shivered with sheer delight, my whole body had relaxed instantly as the heat radiated off her finger tips onto my forehead. Such a love was such a rare occasion for me, or for anyone, I'd never met anyone who I could relate to this much in intrests and loves and she made my heart skip a beat every time she flipped those beautiful brown locks of hers. It was pure insanity that I found Hally at a concert and even more insane that we could be this in love in such a short amount of time. The most insane thing of all is that One Direction all now have girlfriends, especially Niall. He'd been waiting so long and to be dating girls who are best friends is just.... Wow.




His hand shifted onto my cheek, he was trembling. I looked up through my eyelashes and saw the emotion on his face. His lips were full and eyes were intense, this was serious. My hand found its way onto his chest and this time when we kissed it was... Like something had found it's way out, like you've been lost in a maze for a month without food and water and you've found your way out. The relief was shocking at first, I'd kissed him at least several times already but never that intense. I pulled back for a second, it was undescribable and I didn't want to waste a moment of it, I wanted to see his face one more time before I would stop thinking,


he whispered softly into my ear,

"I love you Harry."

"I know and I love you too."

"No Harry, I love you."

There was silence as I stared deep into those green eyes,

"Are you... Ready Hally?"

I knodded, we didn't need to speak everything suddenly just happened. My hands got lost with all the movement and I couldn't speak or even think about anything. Harry was kissing all the way down to my shoulder blades, tiny pecks which sent shivers through my body and I kissed his hair, the curls on top of his head which millions of people were crazy about and I was kissing them. Every outside noise had been blocked out by us, I was gasping for air by the time he began to zip down my shirt , going to fast for words. I managed to unbutton his shirt, slowly because my hands were shaking to bad. Each button undone sent a surge of thoughts through my head, we'd only known eachover for basically only a week and yet we'd already got this far. I knew I was ready and I knew that Niall and Carol had already done this but something inside me was telling me I wasn't ready. Luckily, that something inside me hadn't been telling me what to do as my shirt was pulled off by Harry's tender hands. My breathing sped up again as I pulled his shirt off of his well toned biceps, his tanned skin was literally glowing to me, as soon as my trousers had been taken off, I realized the seriousness of what was happening when he spoke,

"I've been waiting for this moment for so long and yet we've only known eachover for such a little amount of time."

He spoke shyily and gently, I spoke with great loudness much to my surprise,

"The less the better."

I was only joking but he pulled me against him and pulled a blanket over us,

"In case Louis comes in."

I giggled and kissed him again but much slower, our lips moving in synchronisation, I didn't have the guts to open my eyes, it would ruin that moment. His hand glided across my face and onto my cheek and it stayed there whilst he kissed me, Harry grabbed my hair and clenched it tightly, it was anything but painful, it was the height of romance and I couldn't of been feeling any better.

I could here the click of something coming undone and the rustle of more clothes coming off for the last time.

The moments after that were truely and utterly unforgetable in the best way possible.

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