Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


50. Make Up Stained



I stripped myself of all clothing except for my underwear after locking the door shut in the en-suite. My eyes fell to my legs and I saw how bony they looked, it couldn't be healthy. I'd reduced my fiance to an emotional wreck and I couldn't help but pull out the scales and stand on them. I looked down and nearly gasped at the numbers it said. 5 stone. I'd lost only 4 kilograms! I needed to loose more. My ribs were so visible now it was as if my skin was stretched to it's extent, I gingerly prodded my pelvis, feeling the rough edges and my sight fell upon my legs again. There was that gap that I'd always wanted, but why was I still not eating? The gap was there and yet I still felt fat. I'd left Harry on his bed, still unconscious from where he'd passed out, I had to check my weight while I was out of his sight because he wouldn't let me out of it. I struggled to keep the tears inside my eyes but they fell constantly whenever I blinked. I pulled my leggings back on and nearly screamed when I noticed they looked baggy, I'd always seen those girls who had their leggings baggy and thought it extremely unattractive. I'd basically called myself unattractive, I'd called my self fat so many times it didn't even bother me anymore but being unattractive was something that I'd always dreaded. I looked into the smaller mirror, a make up and hair mirror by the size and noticed that my make up had stained itself all down my face and beneath my chin, I quickly pulled my sleeve and wiped it all away before getting Louis to help wake Harry.

I tiptoed into the lounge and through a separate corridor where I could hear laughing, I knocked lightly on the door, not wanting to intrude in anything and they stopped laughing,

"Who is it?"

I heard Louis yell over a steady struggle to stop Eleanor from giggling,

"Prince Harry, who'd you think?"

I muttered under my breath before speaking in a normal voice,

"It's Hally, I need help with Harry."

"Why, what food did he cook wrong this time?"

I heard Eleanor burst into fits of laughter and I could just imagine the smile Louis must of been wearing,

"He's pasted out, I need you to help me wake him up."

"Ok, be out in a sec."

I heard footsteps and the door swung open, I nearly burst into laughter my self when I saw what Louis was wearing. He was wearing Eleanor's clothes and she was wearing his. Each looked equally stupid but I surpressed the laughter that was bursting to come out and spoke,

"He's in his room."

Louis nodded and pulled Eleanor who was wearing a baggy denim shirt and skinny jeans. I watched as Louis' dress flapped up at every step, exposing his Calvin Klein boxers to not only me but Eleanor too, of course she didn't mind but she wasn't engaged to someone else.  I followed them along the corridor and through to Harry's room, sitting down next to him and shaking him gently,

"He's out cold."

I said, my voice shaking nervously,

"Ok, we need a damp flannel and an ice pack."

Eleanor nodded at Louis' directions and ran to the kitchen to find them,

"How longs he been out for?"

"About half an hour or so."

"Ok, he faints quite regularly so it's nothing to worry about, he usually does it when he's in shock."

Harry stirred after 10 minutes with the ice pack on his head, his voice cracked and a tear fell from my right eye, falling straight into his perfect locks,

"Is Hally dead?"


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