Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


75. Last Minute Plans

1   D a y   U n t i l   T h e   W e d d i n g . . .




I began to spin around in the large banquet hall, my eyes witnessing the beauty that was laid around me and Louis, I stopped for a minute to look out of the large window beside me,

"It's beautiful isn't it."

I sighed, my hand drifting upon the thin material hanging off the curtain railing,

"It sure is."

Whispered Louis from my side,

"When's Eleanor coming?"

I muttered whilst looking out at the Californian coast in admiration,

"Later today, well, that's what she told me this morning on the phone."

I heard his voice sadden the further through the sentence he got, the surging pain threw me back mentally and I clenched my chest, agonised by the thoughts of Hally,

"Just hang in there Harry, she'll be here tomorrow, walking down the aisle, to be with you forever."

I tried, I tried to push the negative thoughts away and thrust the positive ones into my mind but it was too hard. They flowed into my brain like blood into water, slowly deepening in thought and pain,

"Come on bro, let's get this place checked out."

he said, grabbing me gently by the shoulder and pulling me towards the neatly laid out tables. 





I watched the pain in his eyes slowly subside and the normal green happiness return, it humored me how the site of indigo tablecloths made someone happier but then I realised that was a stupid thought and I didn't understand his mind like I did mine,

"What do you think of the flowers?"

he spoke to me, voice clear and well pronounced, like the mini-breakdown he'd just had never happened,

"They're really nice, I think Hally will love them."

I said, gently rubbing one of the artificial white roses petals between my fingers. We continued walking until we reached the main room where the actual ceremony would be held.

My breath disappeared in an instant. 


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