Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


34. Just Friends



Oh god... I didn't want to be a teen dad! I don't think I even wanted children! I can't believe I got her pregnant, I wouldn't leave her. She needed someone to help her through it and I'd be there for her, even if I wasn't in a relationship with her. Carol deserved a really good friend who's a boy to help her through that, like me. I'd care for her and we had to be just friends.

"Your-Your breaking up with me?"

I knodded, the guilt rushing through my veins, filling my face with blood,

"I-I-I love you Niall."

"I know."

She was near bursting into tears, I knew she wanted to run away and cry but she had no where to run at this time,

"Your the father, you-you can't just leave me."

This was such a worse reaction then I ever imagined,

"Your l-l-leaving aren't you?"

I shook my head





I knew this would happen. I knew it wouldn't last. It was all too good to be true.

"Your l-l-leaving aren't you?"

I whispered. My automatic response was to shut my eyes but I couldn't bare it, the tears would fall if I did. To my shock I saw him shake his head, not knod, shake. He wasn't leaving? He was staying with me even though we weren't together?

"Your staying?"

"Yeah. I'm not just going to leave you if your pregnant, even though I don't... Love you, I still want to be friends and I'll help you through this Carol, promise."

I was full of pain but it seemed to gently ease off a small amount of it when he promised me he wouldn't leave me,

"I may be a guy but I think I do know how to just be friends."

he smiled. I still felt like crying. I couldn't stop myself and the tears began to fall, they didn't stop either, I was trying to wipe them away as fast as possible but I was incapable of doing it as fast as they were falling,

"Oh god Niall..."


I shook my head in disbelief,

"I've screwed up at life, I'm 17 and pregnant, the dad isn't even in love with me and my best friends in hospital."

He looked really sorry for me and I noticed him move his shoulder my expectantly, I couldn't bear to just sit there and cry so I dropped myself on top of his shoulder,

"You haven't screwed up at all Carol, your an amazing girl it's just a relationship like this wouldn't last, I had to end it before it spiralled out of control you know?"

I knodded through all the pain and lifted my head for a moment. I noticed that I'd left mascara marks all over his bare shoulder,

"Oh Niall! I'm so sorry I ruined your... Shoulder."

"It's okay, I've got another one."

I laughed at him before feeling disapointment again. I wanted to kiss him really bad, fall into his arms and tell him I loved him but I couldn't. It would make us both feel much worse. I knew he felt bad about it but really, I think it was for the best even though the pain was agonizing,

"Friends can hug right?"

He knodded and I fell into his arms, I wanted to feel those toned shoulder blades, that soft skin and those smooth shoulders just one more time. Niall wasn't rigid like I thought he'd be, he hugged me back and embraced the emotions I was feeling,

"I'm sorry for being a complete and utter ass Carol."

"It's okay."

Niall would always be an amazing guy even if we weren't in love,

"Just friends?"

I knodded,

"Just friends."




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