Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


65. It's Okay

Authors Notes:


I haven't been able to PROPERLY thank you all! I want to thank the current 398 favorites that I've gotten and of course, the near 9000 reads. THANK YOU. I really do appreciate you reading, I'm going through a rough time and writing this story is really helping me, of course I'm not cured but it does help me manage. I want to hug all of you constant supporters too! The ones that have read every chapter, which I know there are quite a lot of, and the ones that comment after every few chapters, begging for me, I LOVE YOU OK.

That's all, if you want, please take a minute to become a fan of me and read my other Movellas, I'd really like if you did too, just remember that I love you all :)

Now back to the story...


t h a n k s   f o r   r e a d i n g   e v e r y o n e ,   i    l o v e   y o u   <3


- - - - - - - - - - - - 





Harry sat in the drivers seat beside me, struggling to keep his emotions under control, I could clearly see that tears had already welled in his eyes, threatening to fall at any minute. I knew how he felt, Hally looked horrible and it wasn't her anymore. Her eyes lacked in the spirit she once had and her voice was flat and almost monotone. It scared me, and Harry too, how unlike her old self she was, how much Anorexia and Depression had controlled her, stolen everything she once was just to make her a seemingly lifeless mannequin,

"It's okay, Harry."

I said, stroking his arm kindly,

"You know she's strong, she can get through this."

"But Carol, it's not her anymore."

he sobbed, tears spouting from his eyes,

"She's not Hally! She's a monster and I love her Carol, I love her to pieces."

I couldn't bear seeing one of my icons this emotional, of course I'd gotten used to Harry and no longer acted like a crazed fan around him but it broke me to see him cry, as it did with Niall,

"Do you want dropping off at Niall's?"

Harry coughed quickly, his voice gentle and odd, a slight crispiness lurking in his voice box, emerging slightly when he spoke to me,

"Yeah, that'd be great Harry, thanks."






The lack of warmth in my arms woke me up, something was missing. I slowly opened my eyes and noticed that Carol wasn't in the bed. I groaned, she had left again. It took me 10 minutes to actually move from where I was and  notice the note taped to her pillow. I lifted it up and read it.


Dear Niall,

I know you'll wake up and wonder where I am, that's why I've wrote this to you. I've gone to visit Hally with Harry at Rhodes Farm, I won't be gone long and I'll be back to make you some food when I do.

Lots of Love,



I grabbed my phone off the bedside cabinet and unlocked it to check the time, 9:48 pm.  I moaned again, she should have been back by now. Suddenly, I heard keys rattling from the other side of the door in the lounge. I sprung out of bed, still wearing only my boxers, and leaped on the person walking in. Hearing her scream, I began laughing uncontrollably. 

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