Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


22. It's All My Fault



What Hally told me was even more sickening than I thought Zayn was possible of,

"And he just walked away?!?"

I whispered angrily, Hally knodded and tears began to fall from her eyes, I pulled a strand of hair away from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear,

"Hey, hey, hey. Why are you crying?"

Everytime she cried, I felt like crying. Seeing the person you love cry is an unimagineable feeling, a horrible feeling because you can't help them,

"I feel like it's all my fault that Perries upset, I didn't imagine that being in love with you would cause all this mess. I've ruined yours and Zayn's friendship, Zerrie and I've practically ruined the band. I've messed up everything, I just don't deserve you."

She sobbed and she fell onto her sleeping bag, sheilding her face with the pillow,

"Hally, stop it. You haven't ruined everything, fate brought us together."

I laid down beside her and pulled the pillow away from her face so I could see Hally's beautiful face,

"You couldn't help Zayn falling in love with you and you couldn't help what he did to Perrie."

Hally began to clear her throat,

"Yes I could, I could've just of not came to the concert."

I chuckled lightly,

"But then you would never of met me."

There was silence and she smiled slightly, I rubbed the tears away with my hand and smiled at her,

"And if you never met me, we wouldn't be hear and you'd probably just be sleeping lonely in your bed, dreaming about me."

"I love you Harry."

"And I love you too Hally."

My hand found it's way behind her neck and somehow we ended up kissing again, a passionate french kiss, the sort I had always dreamed about when I couldn't sleep at night, she pulled away for a minute and I opened my eyes, her voice was gentle and relaxing,

"We need to cook dinner."

"Dinner can wait."

I began to kiss her again just as Louis opened the tent and blasted us with the bright lights of outside,

"Woah! Sorry to interupt."

I slowly pulled away from Hally to look up to Louis, she clung onto my shoulders though, unable to release the grip,

"Everyone's hungry and Eleanors busy making pudding, the sausages are nearly burnt to cinders."

"Oh god!"

She immediatly released the grip on my shoulders and pushed past Louis to get to the fire. I sat up and stared up at Louis,

"Is Zayn back?"

Louis looked confused,

"Where did he go? Has he gone back to the flat???"

I shook my head and gestured for Louis to come in, he sat crosslegged in front of me and waited patiently for the full story. Once I'd told him he spoke,

"How could he do that to Perrie, I thought he loved her! Well, before he kissed your girlfriend..."

Bad choice of words from Sir Louis again. I began to see red again, I couldn't help this anger I had when ever his name was mentioned in a sentence with 'your girlfriend' or Hally, I took deep breaths before continueing to talk to Louis,

"I thought that too but now he's sitting in a tree, over there somewhere"

Just as I gestured over to the trees, my stomach gurgled extremely loudly and I clenched it embarressingly,

"Wow, I'm hungry."


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