Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


40. It Hurts



"Hally needs help, she's in a state over those messages on twitter and facebook."

Again?!? I though she'd deleted those. God... I knew she was lying.

"Take me there, now."

I ran with Carol, stretching my legs as much as possible and soaring straight past Carol to the source of her crying,


I yelled, trying to sense where she was, I looked behind each tree, minutes passed and I hadn't found her. Tears began to well in my eyes, I hadn't seen her since we were in our tent after the swimming race in the lake,

"Found her?"

emerged Carol's voice from behind me at last,


I managed to say clearly, although I guess it was farely obvious that I was near tears,

"Let's look together, that might help."

I knodded and lead the way through into a small clearing where she lay, a knife protruding from the floor. 2 things startled me and sent me in to overdrive right then. 1. The fact that she was lying on the floor asleep  2. There was a knife, in the ground,


Carol yelled into her ear and shook her roughly, I wanted to protest against the violence but was certain I would burst into tears if I did. Miraculously, Hally began to stir. She rubbed her eyes carefully and as soon as she was opening her eyes she quickly pulled down the sleeve of her right arm. I stared at her quizically but was so full of questions that I was bursting to ask I began to talk,

"What are you doing here?"

"I went for a walk."

Hally replied, I stared at her,

"Without anyone else?"

"I wanted to clear my head."

"Babe, tell me the truth."

"I wanted to my head Harry."

I stared at her, I knew she was lying, she always blinked rapidly when she did,

"Hally, you can tell me anything."

"I know, and I'm telling you, I wanted to clear my head. So much has happened recently and I just needed time to think it all through."

"Why do you need a knife to do that?"

She went silent and I stifled a sob. Did she try to commit suicide? She needed help.

"Hally, you need help love."

I held her arm,

"Get off me. I don't need any help, I'm my own person. I'll be back in time for dinner. Just leave me alone for a bit."

I couldn't stop them any more, I spluttered tears. Sobbing into my sleeve, trying to muffle the sound but failing quite considerably. Hally turned to look at me and felt a pang of guilt, I saw it in her eyes. I hadn't let go of her arm. She reached towards me, arms outstretched and I pulled her against my chest, holding her like I'd never let go. I would never let go.

"I'm so sorry."

she whispered, now crying into my chest,

"It's okay. I know your hurting right now."

I slightly moved my heads towards the dim light of the campfire where dinner was starting to be made. She knodded and I didn't think I was ever good at signalling. I realized afterwards that I had accidentally said it out loud. Carol hugged her before running back to the camp to tell everyone she was alright. I hadn't noticed Hally hanging back slightly to pick up the penknife and slide it back down into her trouser pocket.

Back at camp, we clambered into the tent and zipped up the doors,

"What's wrong Hally?"





I took several deep breathes before speaking,


He looked at me knowingly and managed a wary smile,

"I'll tell them to stop, it usually always wor-"

"No, Harry. You still don't get it do you? Think of all the rows, the newspapers, the websites that will be full of your tweet 'Harry Styles defends girlfriend Hally Richardson on twitter'. It won't stop it, it will just agrivate it."

"I can try Hally."

He reached towards my hand and squeezed it,

"Can I see your phone?"

I knodded slightly and reached into my pocket to pull it out. My hand didn't pull out a phone, it pulled out the penknife. Harry stared at me, in utter disbelief,

"Is-is-is that yours?!?"

I knodded again, this time he didn't stare, he moved. First he pulled the knife out of my hand and threw it into the corner of the tent, second he pulled me beside him on the sleeping bag and put my head on his chest. I cried. I cried more than I'd ever cried before,

"Oh baby, is it that bad?"

"Yeah, it-it-it"

"It what babe?"

"It hurts. It hurts so bad."



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