Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


16. I Love You



I looked in front of me and a massive sign said Harrods.

"Your taking us to Harrods!"


We were muttering whilst Harry grabbed my hand and Niall grabbed Carols.

"We're splitting up, bye Nialler see you in an hour?"

"Yep, bye Hazza"

Niall waved to me before walking away and to the cafe.

"So, where are we going to go?"

"Well, my incredibly small girlfriend, we are going to go wherever you want."

I giggled and blushed,

"I've always wanted a massive bear from here."

He smiled before pulling me down the isles. It was amazingly big in Harrods. I'd never been there before so I had no idea what the size of it was. We had to walk for at least 5 minutes before we arrived at the stuffed bears. Harry jumped on the first bear he set his eyes on. It was at least 2 metres tall and extremely fluffy,

"Hey, come on you party pooper, you know you want to!!!"

he'd suddenly gone extremely hyper and I was to busy laughing to jump on so he then decided to grab my arm and pull me onto his lap.



I smiled at him before kissing him gently on the lips. He smiled at me before moving on to the next bear. I beat him to it though so he ended up elbowing me in the face when he jumped on. It hurt, a lot.

"Hazza, I think my lips bleeding."

"Omg! Babe, I'm so sorry! Let's go get first aid."

He grabbed something behind me and pulled my arm to the first aid station. There was a young man sitting on a chair next to a first aid kit.

"Um hello."

The man looked up from his book and smiled a friendly smile,

"How can I help?"

"Well," Harry begun nervously, "my girlfriend fell over on the floor and has cut her lip."

Harry let go of my hand, much to my dismay and pushed me towards the man. He looked at me with large eyes, he told me his name was Cody and that I had to tell him where it hurt. I pointed to my lip and he pressed his gloved finger on the cut,


I practically yelped in pain and knodded uncontrollably at him, he got some small bandage plaster things and put two of them on my lip,

"Avoid drinking anything hot for a couple of days and go to your doctor after a week for a check up and it should be just fine."

He winked at me before closing his first aid kit and picking up his book again,


I mumbled and he smiled a cheeky smile at me, I could see his eyes dropping from my face to my bust. My eyes widened before Harry hastily pulled me away,

"What the hell did he think he was doing?!?!?!"

I shook my head in confusion before being lead to the sweet section,

"Pick anything my royal princess."

He bowed to me and I smiled at him,

"Really? Haz, it's so expensive hear, I don't want to waste your money on something that will be gone in a few minutes and I-"

"Hally, do you really think money is a problem for me?"

He pulled out his wallet and flicked through all the pound notes, I stared at them. I'd never seen so much money in my life! I shook my head again and grabbed two big bags of marshmellows and jelly beans. They were £20 for each bag. £40, just on sweets. Harry went to the checkout and placed the sweets on the counter and to my surprise, a massive bear holding a heart.

"Harry, what's this?"

"It's a surprise, don't look."

He covered my eyes again as he handed the girl at the check out at least 20 notes. She handed him back two massive bags which said in giant letters Harrods before we walked over to the cafe.

"We can wait for Nialler and Carol here."

He handed me the bags and I opened the one with the bear in it. It was adorable! It's eyes were really large and a beautiful blue, it's nose was a really cute pink, it's hair was a beautiful golden brown and the heart it was holding was the half the size of the bear itself. It read in swirly letters,

"I know you've probably heard this from many different people but I just have to say, I love you!"

I stared long and hard at the plush heart whilst my eyes began to well up with tears.

"You don't like it? Because I can always take it back be-"

"Harry. I love it!!!"

I grabbed him and hugged him tightly. He gasped and froze in shock, but after a few seconds he wrapped his arms around me before pushing my head away to kiss me. There was a gentle rapping on the table which made me and Harry quickly recoil from eachover to see Niall and Carol sitting on the two chairs opposite us.


squeeled Carol, she sounded really excited and I could see why. She was wearing a chanel hat and a dior scarf. That had gotta cost a few thousand at least. I smiled sweetily at her before quickly kissing Harry,

"I love you."

"I love you more."

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