Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


48. Harry and Louis' Apartment



I stared down at my legs, they were practically all bones but all I could think of was fat. Fat fat fat. Harry's hand was slipped in mine and felt so warm against my skin. I couldn't speak, mostly because the noise in the van had escalated to a full on shouting match and because I couldn't think of anything to say. Louis and Zayn were yelling at each other, I didn't have a clue what for though,


yelled Zayn, right in my face, spraying spit in my hair, Harry noticed and casually pushed Zayn back into his seat,


I shook my head in exasperation, Harry put his arm around me and held me closer than before,

"SHUT UP! Paul is trying to drive here."

Niall yelled, surprising us all as it was a food related issue. I looked over to Perrie, she was holding Zayn so close it was like she was scared to loose him, in a car, but I could see why though, she'd already nearly lost him before and that tore her to pieces so now she was keeping him as close as she possibly could. They were such a cute couple that I felt like making them kiss, I'm not surprised it created a media storm when they started dating, it sure did create a storm when me and Harry did. I couldn't imagine what kind of storm it will be when they find out that I'm engaged with him, a big one most probably. I flipped my fringe out of the way and looked down onto my phone, I had a new text from Harry,

We could have our honeymoon here xxx

Below it was a link to a beautiful Caribbean villa, I gasped in shock as it was what I'd always wanted, I immediately began to type a reply,

It's amazing!!! It's what I always wanted! I bet it costs way too much though... :( xxx

I could see his phone flash with the message and I watched him unlock it, I silently gasped when I saw what picture was on his screen, it was the photo of me in my bikini, I was laughing in the photo but I saw how utterly fat I looked and winced in embarrassment. The bikini was becoming baggy so it looked extremely unattractive. Harry saw me staring and I watched him quickly type a new message to me,

I'd spend any amount of money on you my love <3 XxX

He flashed me a sweet smile and I grinned back, he then went onto twitter and read all of his direct messages. I began to reply too his text,

I don't want you to deprive yourself from what you want just because of me XxXxXI

When he'd read it, he stared at me as though I'd said something stupid, really stupid. He didn't even bother replying as we had neared the apartments, it was a 5 floor apartment, not surprising, and looked really quite nice on the exterior, I hadn't expected much of the outside really, I knew it would look good inside, but most apartments looked cheap on the outside. I clambered out of the van and grabbed my bags, Harry's hand had slipped into mine and since the weather had dropped considerably outside, it felt so warm I flinched slightly. He practically pulled me into a elevator and as soon as Louis and Eleanor had came in, he pressed number 5 and it began to moan into action. The elevator pinged and the doors were slid open to reveal an exquisite looking apartment, I gasped in awe and stepped straight into the main room. The floor was covered in a fluffy white carpet and on each wall was a colorful print of the union jack, I smiled at Harry as he tightened his grip on my hand, he smiled back and I walked over to place my suitcase by one of the bright red sofas. But when I began to push down the handle he picked it up and dragged me through a set of double doors and into what looked like his room, judging by what was in it.

"Do you like it?"

"It's amazing. I never thought you lived with such class."

"What, you think two international pop stars are just slumming it?"

"No, of course not."

I said giggling as he pulled me next to him on the bed,

"I just thought that two teenage boys would, you know, be living in more... Mess?"

Harry turned to look at me properly and he looked appalled,

"I've never been messy in my life! Except for when I eat of course..."

I smiled at him and we both knew it was nothing serious, he pulled me beside him closer so we were laying down, 

"I can't wait for the wedding."

he whispered softly into my ear,

"Neither can I."

I said back, my voice shaking with happiness,

"What's wrong?"

he muttered, stroking away a tear,

"It sounds so stupid getting married when we hardly know each other."

he didn't look hurt, just slightly amused by the whole statement,

"I know everything there is to know about you."

he grinned cutely,

"I know how you can't sleep without wearing socks because your feet get too cold, I know you hate wearing wool because it itches you too much."

Harry moved closer towards my ear,

"I know you've never been this in love since you met a boy in year 7."

I blushed madly and he looked at me proudly, like he'd completed a mission or something,

"So, what do you want to watch tonight?"

"Horror movie, we always watch soppy stuff together."

"That's because we are soppy my darlin' girl."

he kissed me quickly at first but as soon as he'd pulled away, he moved straight back in, knocking all the breath out of my body, but I couldn't resist not kissing him more. I leaned straight in and held the passionate kiss, his lips were so soft and irresistible that I couldn't stop, I really couldn't. We always kissed in synchronization  it was strange but we were meant to be together, I couldn't help feeling that this was all wrong, I shouldn't of been engaged with him, he could have been with a model, a pop star, someone beautiful and not an anorexic 17 year old who addictively self harms. He pulled away from me, I touched my lips and it actually felt softer,

"I love you."

"I love you."

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