Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


45. Goodbye or Hello?



I slipped into a pair of aztec print leggings, a loose fitted tank top and some converse before laying back down beside Harry who was absorbed with his phone,

"Phone more exciting than you fiance?"

"Of course not my darling."

He leaned towards me and kissed me tenderly on the lips,

"I heard you singing earlier."

He whispered whilst curling a piece of my hair around his finger and letting it fall back to my shoulder before continuing to use his phone. I winced slightly, he had made me jump so much when I turned around to see him staring at me in the morning, so much that I hit him with a pillow, not hard just, a lot,

"I don't know how I can make you believe your an amazing singer."

"You can't, so you better give up now."

I flashed him a grin to let him know I wasn't being too serious but he seemed disheartened still,

"So, you gonna start packing?"

He muttered whilst hammering away at his iPhone,


I moaned whilst burying my face in my hands,

"I don't want to leave."

I noticed the reassuring look appear on his face,

"Neither do I, but, listen to this."

Harry held up his phone so that I could see it too,

"Louis said 'Hally can stay as long as she likes as long as she doesn't disrupt our schedule too much otherwise management will be right on our case :/'. Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, that's awesome."

I sighed and stared at my wrists,

"What are those?

He muttered, stroking my wrists gently,

"Battle scars."

"What battle?"

I sighed before speaking,


I could see he was lost for words, well, anyone who hadn't experienced what I had would right?

"Your still cutting?"

I nodded, my face burning crimson with embarressment,

"Hals, I can't let you suffer like this."'

"There's nothing you can do."

I whispered, beginning to shiver like I always did when I thought about that sort of thing. I feel like I've got the flu whenever I think of other people self harming, I shiver, I sniff and I get headaches,

"I can't do anything but my doctor can."

I shook my head defiantly, I didn't want to see any doctor, it wasn't a serious illness, it was just addictive that's all. It was my way of dealing with pain, simple, not an illness,

"We better go make sure everyone's awake and packing, then we can organize breakfast."

I said off subject, I didn't want to talk about it, it was meant to be my secret, my deadly secret.

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