Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


56. Gained Weight




Louis hugged me and patted my back,

"It's okay bro. She'll be okay and out in a short matter of time. Just hang in there mate."

I tried to smile at him because he'd helped me so much, he'd drove me home from the hospital, put me to bed and got my prescription, all for me. I'd been diagnosed with severe depression and the media were all over it. They'd got photos of it all, front pages spreads in the newspapers, Ok!, Hello and Gossip. EVERYTHING was going wrong. I'd weakly been able to text the boys and check my twitter. I'd lost 6OOO followers, they all hated me and my twitter feed was full of abuse.





I stood on the cold scales, shivering as the lady placed a hand on my back, urging me to put up my other foot,

"Hally you've gained 0.7 pounds, your making good progress. Bye now love."

she said, pushing me away with a slight squeeze of the hand, using the other hand to type with. I weighed 57 pounds. I needed to lose weight but I couldn't, I'd just gained weight. I went into my room and changed into a loose fitted white tank top and a pair of cross print leggings. We weren't allowed to wear sleeves at the dinner table, as I'd found out when I tried to get away with wearing my parka indoors at lunch, but they'd let me off with a warning and an order to remove the coat as I was new there. I honestly hadn't expected anyone to understand, let alone be jealous of me. I'd told them about Harry and it turned out 3 of them were directioners, and my new friends. I learnt that we had to chew all our food a certain amount of times, have all sleeves rolled up and at dinner, we had 25 minutes to eat it, and we had to eat it ALL. I'd cried at my first dinner time but my friend, Alisha, just hugged me and told me it isn't as hard later on. Whilst managing a stupid friendly grin, I saw a girl spit a mouthful of food on the floor. The ladies rushed over and began to talk to her, it was a dull scream but it was meant in the nicest way possible, she didn't have to clear it up, the food simply got replaced and the girl had to eat what was put on her plate again. I could see her pain and I winced when I saw all the oil drizzle out of the fish, it was Friday and fish & chips was the usual. As my friends told me, this was the meal everyone dreaded due to the high calorie and fat content. Harry was on my mind all night and every kiss that we'd had, I relived it in my head but it wasn't right.

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