Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


21. Five Tents, Four Happy Couples


I'd never been camping before so this concept was kind of new to me. I didn't know what to bring, food wise, I knew that we basically all loved food, not so much in my case but I was a bit conplexed over the food, all the boys would moan at me if I brought the wrong thing so I just threw a load of cereals, junk food and bread in a holdall along with some butter and marmite. I'd changed my clothes into a black sleeveless shirt and red skinnies.

The night before, I hadn't slept at all. The thoughts of Zayn kept soaring through my mind and I just couldn't relax at all. When I finally fell asleep, I had another knightmare and woke up again only an hour later. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were swollen and red, my cheeks were a ghastly pale and yellow shade and my hair was all over my face, straggly and weak. I had to cleanse, moisturise and remove all of my smeared make-up and change my clothes. I couldn't stop thinking of Harry and Zayn, all because of me I had ruined their friendship and most probably Zayn and Perrie's relationship. I'd ruined everything, I didn't even knew if I'd be able to show my face to them every again. But I had to so I began my walk to the campsite, I had to carry three bags, one for the food, one for my clothes and make-up and the other for my sleeping bag and pillow. I'd somehow got to the campsite without collapsing. My eyes gazed at the rotten sign which said Everview Campsite, I winced. I'd booked the campsite for two nights that morning and it had only cost a tenner, I'd found out why. I hadn't noticed the large van pulling up to my left and saw all the boys clambering out with suitcases,

"Hey Halls."

"Hey Hazza."

I didn't hesitate in what I did next, he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him without muttering a single word, I put both of my hands on his perfect cheeks and we kissed. It felt more amazing than ever before, I didn't know at all why but it just felt stunning and just... Wow. I could feel Zayn's eyes burning into me but to my surprise their girlfriends began to clamber out of the van too with their suitcases. Me and Harry pulled apart, much to my disapointment but we needed to get set up. I looked over at them, they were all so beautiful! Especially Eleanor, Louis and Eleanor were holding hands, so was Liam and Danielle. They were just so beautiful together and I couldn't figure out why Harry had chosen me. He could have super models, famous girls and nice looking girls, not me. The girl who lived in a flat, the girl who always got picked on at school, the girl who had a crazy love for One Direction. It didn't add up why someone that beautiful could be with me, but I wasn't complaining. The media had somehow already covered the sleepover, of course I thought, they would've captured the boys getting into my place, the paparazzi followed them everywhere. I noticed that Perrie practically had to pull Zayn's arm away from his side so she could link it with hers, that was kind of harsh. We all walked through to the camping spot we had been alocated, our suitcases rattling along the gravel. The tents were already set up, there was five of them, one at the top and two on both sides of the small campfire. I had to pay an extra fiver for the campfire because it came with the marshmellows and fire lighters, I wanted that sort of moment that people write about in fan fictions, but for me it was really going to happen.

I pulled some sausages out of the bag which was full of food and held it up in the air,

"Is everybody okay with eating sausages?"

I yelled in each of the tents, everyone had already settled in and got down the sleeping bags but they were basically just messing around and talking then. I heard everyone yell 'Yes' loudly over the noise and carry on with what they were doing before. Harry was sitting by the fire, desperately trying to light it but failing quite badly,

"Here, let me try."

I gently pulled the matchbox out of his hand and struck it once, before that I piled all the sticks into a sort of pyramid shape and filled it with fire lighters. It sparked up almost immediatly and I smiled kindly at him,

"There. Now we can talk."

We began to chat again about random things like what sort of thing I most wanted in Harrods, before I had cut my lip of course, and the sort of dogs and cats I liked. When we were talking about cats, I couldn't help but smile wildly at him before he smirked at me too. Only directioners like me knew what that had meant. We occasionaly threw the odd stick into the fire but we weren't paying any attention to it other than that. Suddenly, Eleanor came out and say the fire,

"Hey! You haven't even been paying attention to the fire Harry! How are we going to eat if there's no fire?"

Harry mumbled what seemed to be an apologie before she wandered over to me,

"Hi. You must be Hally right? I'm Eleanor, as you probably know."


I smiled at her kindly and shook her hand, she seemed really nice so far, I'd always liked her really, I followed her on twitter and always sent emails with pics of Louis and Eleanor to my best friend, Carol of course. Speaking of Carol, I think she'd came in the van with the boys, just then, I suddenly remembered that Carol had told me to take her to the camp! Oh god. She must be still at home!

"Harry! I was meant to pick up Carol! She's still at home, can you drive me there, please???"

"Sure babe."

The van was parked outside the gate and so Harry jumped into the drivers seat and I sat in the passengers seat when he put the key in he muttered something,

"I've passed my drivers test you know..."

"Harry, I found that out in your video diarys months and months ago, old news babe."

He revved the engine and just as we passed the gates I saw Zayn, staring at the van whilst he sat in a tree. What the heck? I was about to tell Harry but suddenly remembered what had happened the day before so I quickly began to forget about it.

We'd stopped at the traffic lights and Harry looked at me weirdly, I knew that look from the many many many photos and videos I had watched and seen of him. It was the look that he always had when he was about to cry so I immediatly knew that what he was going to say wasn't good,


"Yes Harry?"

"Do you love... Zayn?"

I swore he was going to say 'me' instead of Zayn so I blurted out 'of course I do' without even thinking. The look that was on his face was a mixture of extreme pain, anger and mostly a puzzled look, a look that I would never ever forget.

"Hally, how could you-"

I stopped him by suddenly talking really fast,

"Omigod Harry! I wasn't meant to say that! I thought you were going to say you like do you love me that sort of thing! Not Zayn! Of course I don't love Zayn!!!"

he looked relieved, but doubtful. That hurt. The fact that he looked doubtful about our love. I was taking the whole love thing really seriously and whenever I was around him I tried to let him know that and the thing with Zayn was really bringing me down,

"Harry, why were you doubting that I love you?"

"It's just when your around me, you don't seem like you do with the other boys and I'm really confused about it."

"I'm just trying to keep you liking me Harry because you could be dating beautiful girls, supermodels and superstars but your dating me."

"Oh Hally... Your more beautiful than any supermodel or superstar, you'll always have me and you don't need to try and impress me and after you'd had that fit, you weren't acting different, you were being you and that's what made me fall for you, Hally Richardson."

I couldn't kiss him then because I could hear car horns being honked behind us but I leaned into him close and tucked a curl behind his ear and whispered lovingly,

"I love you Harry."

"I love you too."

He began to start moving the car again and I sat back in my seat, grinning wildly and just before I got out of the car to get into Carol's, he squeezed my hand and smiled at me, that beautiful smile that made my legs melt. I managed to sprint to her door though and knock on it repeatidly,


the door opened and Carol stood there, in a plain cropped hollister shirt, superdry gilet and skinnies.

"Carol I'm sooooo sorry! Please forgive me! I totally forgot because I walked there and Harry kissed me and we began cooking and oh! I just forgot okay!!!"

"It's okay Hally, I forgive you, it's not like you did it on purpose and your acting so bad like you kissed Niall or something! Come on let's go!"

She had behind her two hot pink suitcases and we threw them into the van. Carol sat with her suitcases in the middle and I continued to sit with Harry in the front. Harry got us back to the campsite in only a minute and when we got there Carol oohed and aahed at the forest,

"It's beautiful Hally!"

I smiled at her and lead her to her tent,

"Your in with Niall, I hope you remembered your sleeping bag!"

She smiled at me and giggled,

"I could always share with Niall if I forgot anyway, but yes, I have got one."

Carol climbed into the tent and Niall greeted her the same way that Harry had greeted me, in the best way possible. I turned to walk over to the campfire when I spotted Perrie sitting in the tent crying. I wandered over to the tent and opened the door to see Eleanor sitting there with her,

"Can I come in Perrie?"

she knodded vaguely before sobbing into Eleanor's shoulder again,

"What happened?"

Perrie looked up and looked at me, it looked bad and I had a horrible feeling it was something to do with Zayn,

"Well me and Zayn were sitting here and I-I-I tried to kiss him, it seemed like-like the right moment and when I leaned in he-he-he-he just pushed me away-"

Perrie burst into more tears and she couldn't finish what she was saying. How could Zayn do that to her? You can't just push away your girlfriend and for no good reason!

"And then-then when I asked him w-w-why he did that he just sh-shrugged and said he-he didn't feel that way abou-ou-out me anym-m-more!"

My mouth dropped open in horror and Perrie noticed this and literally fell into Eleanor again. That's just terrible! Perrie loves him and all he can do is tell her is tell her he didn't feel that way about her anymore?!?! That is just senseless!!! Which explains why he was sitting in the tree, obviously thinking through everything, how purely horrible Perrie must be feeling though! I didn't have the feelings to imagine how it feels to before going away, being in love with a boy and him loving her back but to come back and to see that he doesn't love her anymore, is just... Unimaginable. I couldn't breath, it was killing me inside, even though I hadn't done anything that could hurt Perrie, just hearing that he had fallen in love with me would ruin any sort of friendship which we could have, I had enough breath to tell her how sorry I felt for her before I had to get out of the tent and tell Harry what had happened.




What the hell had I done...


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