Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


23. Eleanor & Louis'



Hally was much prettier than I had expected, and much younger too. Louis had told me all about her the night before the camp and she sounded not too great, Harry usually dated the older, blonder types. He never usually dated younger girls or brunettes, her hair was layered beautifully and she had a full fringe cut just above her eyes. People said me and Louis looked amazing together and I would take it for granted, Louis was just wow looking and I was soooo lucky to be dating him! When he'd asked me to go the camp I just yelled 'YES' without thinking about it much, my parents and I would go camping when I was little and I hadn't been camping since, plus it would be so romantic.

"So I'll come pick you up at 1pm?"

"Yes!!! Omigod, I can't wait!"

"Ok, love you babe."

"Love you too boo bear!"

I hung up and ran to pack my suitcase, I couldn't wait! He was true to his word and picked me up along with Danielle and Perrie, Perrie was so excited to see Zayn and Danielle was practically all over Liam. They were amazing looking together, especially since Zayn and Perrie shared a hat, the same hat Zayn had worn to the Olympics in their performance. Louis kissed me when I walked down the drive way into the van, I was wearing a chiffon dipped hem skirt and a black cropped strappy top. Louis was looking me up and down all the way to the campsite so I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck. I'd noticed Perrie was staring at Zayn longily and she kissed his cheek too, but Zayn didn't flinch, he was just staring out of the window,

"Zayn, I'm kind of cold."

"Uh huh."

He mumbled, how rude! If I was him I would give her my jumper or something, he was really quite ignorant sometimes. I'd noticed that none of the boys were talking to him, something was wrong and the boys obviously new what was going on. When we got to the camp, I was surprised with just how beautiful it actually was, our area was surrounded by hundreds of trees and the grass was such a beautiful green. I noticed that Harry and Hally were kissing passionately by the entrance and I smiled sweetily, it looked like Hazza had found his true love. Louis grabbed my hand whilst Hally lead us to our tents, I'd always loved to cook so once we'd set up our stuff, I ran out to see what was cooking and if I could help. I was disapointed to see that Hally and Harry weren't even paying attention to the fire and it had nearly gone out. When Hally had left I threw some sausages in a pan and onto the fire, I looked up to see Zayn blusing crimson red and walking into the forest. Suddenly, sobs erupted from their tent and I hurried into it, desperate to see what had happened to Perrie,

"Hey Perrie, what did he do to you?"

I sat down beside her and put my arm around her shoulder, she managed to stutter what had happened when I heard the van coming around the entrance,

"Hey, it'll be okay, remember friends are always better than boyfriends because they'll always be there for you."

"Thanks El, your the-the best."

She hugged me and I smiled,

"Haha, I know."




I'd always wanted a model as a girlfriend, I don't know why but I just did and when I got one that was much more beautiful than I ever expected, I couldn't get away from her. Eleanor was just the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, her amazing curly brown hair and those caring eyes were everything I had ever wanted. She couldn't seem to get enough of me either, texting me at least every hour and telling me she loved me at midnight on my birthday, I couldn't believe my luck and she seemed overjoyed when I invited her to the campout. I'd packed my best clothes, striped shirts and chinos, braces and plimsolls, the clothes Eleanor loved. I didn't give a thought to what she would be wearing, she looked beautiful in everything.  We arrived and she seemed to love it, Hally and Harry seemed to be loving it too...

I noticed that El was cooking dinner and not Hally, she was making some baked beans on the fire and the sausages were smelling divine at the moment but Eleanor suddenly ran into Perrie's tent, I don't know what for. I sat by the fire and looked into it, next thing I knew I was walking around all the tents and there was a gap in the door to Harry and Hally's. I stifled a laugh when I saw them passionately kissing on the sleeping bags, I knew just what to do,


I yelled loudly into their tent and I noticed them slowly parting and Harry looked up to me,

"Sorry to interupt."

Harry looked annoyed and Hally didn't even look at me, her eyes were glued to Harry,

"Everyone's hungry and Eleanors busy making pudding, the sausages are nearly burnt to cinders."

Hally pulled away from Harry immediatly and rushed out of the tent, elbowing me out of the way whilst doing so, I walked over to Harry and once he told me about Zayn and Perrie, I began to feel so sorry for Perrie. I'd never experienced something that complicated but I had been dumped because I wasn't good looking enough. I needed to talk to Zayn, he was ruining everything and at this rate, we wouldn't be a band anymore and that would ruin our millions of directioners and us. I said bye to Harry and sat beside Eleanor where she was making our desert, chocolate oranges,

"Eleanor, what do you think Zayn's going to do about Perrie?"

"Oh.... Lou, I don't know, she's really really upset, I don't know what it would take for Zayn to get her back now, he really has ruined their relationship."

"Eleanor, can you promise not to tell anyone this?"

I looked at her seriously and she nodded,

"Pinky swear?"

I held up my pinky and she held hers, we wrapped them round eachovers and she cracked a smile,

"The reason Zayn's acting like this is because,"

Eleanor was looking at me over eagerly,

"that is kind of offputting El."

she backed away and smiled at me again,

"He's fallen in love with Hally."

Eleanor gasped and she looked really shocked,

"But Hally's in love with Harry!"

"I know, Hally doesn't love him back, yesterday he kissed her in her bathroom and she had to scream for help. He's practically kiss raping her, she seriously doesn't love him back. He loves her to bits though, Harry and Zayn definately aren't friends at the moment too."

I could see the realization on her face, she must have noticed the tension in the van earlier when no one was talking to him,

"That's why Harry won't speak to him..."

I knodded and she looked shocked, suddenly I heard twigs snap and footsteps running into the forest. We both turned around to see Perrie running off into the distance, far into the forest. Eleanor ran after her,

"PERRIE! Wait Perrie!!!"

I shook my head and put my hands on my face, oh god...

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