Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


12. Dreams



Her lips crushed again mine, and it was literally like fireworks were going off all over my body, but it was not painful, anything but painful. Hally's lips were moving in synchronisation to mine, it was like we were meant to be. It suddenly clicked in my head that somehow we were meant to be together and all those relationships with Caroline Flack and various other girls was just something that lead up to us. The fact that she was front row at our concert when she had an epileptic fit was just merely a coincident. Our love was meant to be and the world had yet to find that out. She didn't pull away from me, we'd connected and became unseperable in a matter of minutes. I'd totally forgotten about Zayn and their kiss thing, it was just us. We were only seperated from the rest by not very big sliding doors but it felt like we were millions of miles apart from Caroline, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. I slid my hand behind her neck and my other hand on her shoulder, she murmered something before resistantly pulling away from me, I could see her but I could sense the smile on her face. I smiled back, she whispered into my ear,

"We need to go to sleep now."

"I know."

I stroked her cheek and pulled the covers further over our heads,

"Night babe."

"Night Hazza."

I kissed her cheek softly before wrapping my arms around her, she placed a hand on my chest and the other on my waist. I could hear her beginning to murmur in her sleep, I wondered what she was dreaming about. Probably about me, I hoped. I whispered into her ear,


she stirred slightly, not so she was awake but so that she could hear,

"I love you."

I could feel her smiling but just to make sure, got out my phone and set the lighting to low before shining it under her chin so she couldn't see it. It was more than a smile, it was a massive grin. I knew it. She began to start whispering something, I listened closely, putting my ear near her mouth,

"I love Harry Styles, I love you Harry, Harry I love you. I love you."

I grinned the same massive cheesy grin that she did. I didn't know that's the way she felt about me but I knew somehow that she was dreaming of me. I slowly drifted asleep and dreamt about her, it was amazing though.





I could see her face, it was beautiful. Just as it had been a year ago when we first met. Hally Richardson, my amazing girlfriend was there, sitting in my arms. I was singing to her, One Thing, she smiled happily before placing her head on my chest. I pulled her head up and gently placed hundreds of kisses on her neck and face. She managed an adorable smile before pulling my face towards hers and kissing me. A wonderful french kiss that lasted what seemed like hours, at the end of the kissing she whispered something into my ear which made my whole body tingle,

"I love you."

I whispered into her ear back,

"I love you too."

I opened my eyes, expecting to see Hally staring back at me adoringly but I was disapointed to only see a black ceiling. I sat up and looked around. It had been all a dream. Hally didn't love me, she was probably discusted by me. I'd come on way to strong, I should've got to know her properly first, I doubt she loved me back. I could just imagine what she was doing with Harry right then in that room. Plus it would absoloutly slaughter Perrie if she found out, I couldn't help my fealings for Hally though. I couldn't tell Perrie, plus she was on tour at the moment. My heart pounded, thinking of the dream. I was so jealous of Harry even though I really shouldn't be. One Direction are best friends, and I bet Harry probably despised of me already. It was obvious that she had told him, they were literally soul mates, as much as I hated to say it, it was true.





I couldn't explain the kiss we'd had in any single form of speech or emotions or anything. It'd had been a taste of heaven and even more so with what he said after I'd fallen asleep. He'd admitted it, and it was now official, we were in love. I'd woken up that morning to see Harrys face and his curly hair in my face. I laughed a gentle laugh which then woke him up, I could hear a rising noise coming from the lounge. I take it the boys were awake and according to the shrill laugh I could hear in there too, Carol was also awake.

"Morning Halls."

"Morning Hazza."

"Enjoy last night?"

"Are you really asking that question???"





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