Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


17. Don't Touch Me



I didn't care that I had just spent £2000 on a teddy bear, all that mattered was that I was making Hally happy. When she was kissing me it was a feeling that I couldn't compare to anything, I couldn't imagine being with any other girl than Hally. When she smiles, it's like the whole world stops and it's just us, looking at each other. She was beautiful and I didn't get why she couldn't see that. Niall and Carol were amazing together, their blonde hair set off eachovers blue eyes and they looked like they had always meant to be together, I was really happy that Niall had found what looks like the one.




Harry soon called a cab and took us back to my apartment so they could collect their stuff. I was extremely sad that they were leaving and was trying to think what we could do next as they grabbed their bags but I didn't have to think for long because Liam suddenly yelled something,

"Everyone! Come here! I have an awesome idea!!!"

We all rushed in, me and Harry were in my room kissing, our new hobbie, I smiled at him before we left the room and he grinned back. Liam was holding a leaflet that he had picked up somewhere,

"So, I picked up this leaflet in a store in London and I just had a great idea! Since for the rest of the week we have time off, I think we should all go camping!"

I gasped, that was an amazing idea! Why hadn't I thought of that?!? We all crowded around Liam to look at the leaflet, it was only £10 a night!

"We could bring all our girlfriends!"

Louis perked up and started to text Eleanor,

"Yeah! We could take Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie!"

said Liam and Zayn looked extremely red. That person was sick minded.

"And Carol."

mumbled Niall who'd just appeared from the guest bedroom with her. They were smiling, not exactly hard to guess what they had been doing in there. I looked at the leaflet,

"When should we go?"


It was Saturday, that was 2 days. 2 days without One Direction. 2 days without my boyfriend. Harry looked painfully at me as Liam began to head to the door,

"Hey, um.... Can I talk to you Hally, in private?"

I was secretely screaming in my head no but I didn't have the guts to say it, I gulped and knodded silently. He walked me into the bathroom locked the door behind us.

"I just wanted to ask you something."

I was dying to get out but I just didn't know how,

"Give me another chance Hally. I love you."

"No. I don't want to, I'm going out with Harry, I'm in love with him."


he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I couldn't feel more unconfortable if he tried,

"No Zayn, I love Harry."

I tried to wriggle away from his grip with my other hand but he grabbed it.

"Zayn, let go of me."

He wouldn't let go of me and pushed me against the wall. He placed his cut lips on mine, his spiked up hair tickled the top of my head. I was hating ever minute of it. I wouldn't kiss back, I pursed my lips together and kept my eyes open,

"Oh come on baby, you know you want it."

He muttered under his breath into my mouth,

"No Zayn I don't. I'm beginning to even doubt liking you for your singing now. Just stop it Zayn. I have no feelings for you and if you touch me any more I will report you for rape."

He hesitated slightly before kissing me one more time, passionately, I tried to claw at his face but he still had a firm grip around my wrists,


He didn't let go, so I began to tense my stomach muscles and I opened my mouth. I let out my loudest and most high pitched scream. Zayn immediatly let go and I screamed at him as everyone came running to the door,


There was immediatly loads of banging on the door and I could hear Harry's voice over everyone elses, yelling my name,


I couldn't speak, all my voice had been used screaming for help. I clicked the lock and the door came bursting open and they all rushed through the door. Harry grabbed me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He slammed the sliding doors and dropped me gently on the floor,

"Omg! Hally! Are you okay?!? I heard you scream and I had to help you!!!"

I could only just manage to use my voice for the one I loved, my voice was hoarse and petrified but I spoke,

"No, Harry I'm not okay."


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