Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


25. Don't Go



I'd taken all the sausages and other food off the grill and began to get out ten large plates. I was startled to hear desperately loud sobbing and Eleanor running after Perrie into the forest. Louis was sitting on one of the logs around the fire looking dazed, I stared at him oddly whilst he shook his head and looked into the forest,

"What happened?"

I muttered to Louis after covering the food in tin foil, he still looked uncertain of what was going on,

"I think Perrie heard me and El talking about what Zayn is doing... To you."

My eyes widened in disbelief,


Louis looked scared at my scream of horror, I have to admit, it was a shirll and deafening scream, so much so that Harry ran out of the tent and to my side in practically a nano-second,

"I didn't know she was there!!! Seriously Hals, I didn't know she was there and Eleanor asked me!!!"

I shook myself before placing my head into my hands and moaning loudly,

"She's going to hate me!!! This has all gone so wrong so fast!!!"

I was laying basically in a heap on the floor, tears flowing fast down my cheeks and onto the floor. Harry stood motionless, his arm resting on my back and his head by mine whereas Louis decided to try and find Eleanor and Perrie. I couldn't believe she had found out what Zayn was doing, it was going to kill her and by the sounds of it, it was.

Suddenly, screams erupted from the forest.




Oh how I could of killed Zayn then and there. That cruel, sick minded.... Thing had cheated on me with a girl that didn't even like him back! Not only had he slaughtered one person, he had to slaughter two?!? I couldn't even bear to think of him or even where I was going. My ears tuned into the surroundings and I could hear Eleanors frightened voice quite far away and... Singing. I thought for all the world it was Danielle so I rushed fowards, pushing branches and leafs out of my way until I was standing in a shelter of trees, the grass going rapidly beneath my feet,

"Perrie, what are you doing here?"

"Oh Danielle I-"

I froze in my tracks, that hadn't been Danielles voice, and it sure as hell didn't look like Danielle sitting on a flimsy branch above me,


"I can explain Perrie."

I shook my head in utter pain and anger,

"Zayn you have nothing to explain, I know everything, how you cheated on me, how you've been kissing another girl and how you invited me on a romantic campout when you don't even love me."

He clambered down from the branch and stood in front of me,

"Go away Zayn, it's over."

Zayn looked relieved but held onto my arm still, I flinched as soon as his warm fingers touched my skin, memories filled in my head and I began to sob terribly, I shook him off before walking away,

"Don't Go."

"Get off me and never ever come back to me again."

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