Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


24. Danielle & Liam's



It felt thrilling to be in love with such an amazing person who had such a kind heart. It was like being in the slushiest romance movie which was age rated at an 18. I have to say, the first time I kissed him, I was unsure about it all. He seemed to protective and when I think about it now, I know it's all for a good reason. I am the first girl that he's been out with since he started One Direction and this fame made him even more protective over me. Now when I kiss him, the world seems to stop for just a moment and it's just us, in a cosmic world full of rainbows, fireworks and stars. He texts me every day, whenever he can and when I read the first ever text, I practically passed out.


I know we've only been going out for a month

but I feel like I can tell you everything.

What's happening in live, my deepest secrets,

my worst fears and what's going on with my

head and I'm saying them all in this text.

Your happening in my life and that is amazing,

my deepest secret is that my worst fear is to

loose you and what's going on in my head is

you. Your in my head and I just can't get you

out of it, your smile is a constant reminder

of why I'm here right now and without you

I don't think I'd be doing what I do now.

I love you Danielle xxx


I haven't deleted that message since I got it and whenever I'm feeling down, I read it and remind myself, I'm dating Liam Payne and yes, we're madly in love.

Nothings more romantic than camping with your boyfriend and his bands girlfriends so I was literally ecstatic when I found out that we were camping. It was even better when the campsite was actually more beautiful than I ever thought. Our area was surrounded with lush green trees, at least several acres and the grass was a beautiful emerald type of green. I'd kissed Liam at least five times in the van and more than I could count in the tent when we were settling in. I didn't love him because he was in One Direction, I loved him because of who he was. The kind, caring and loving Liam Payne was more than I ever could of asked for in a boyfriend and the way that he defended me on twitter was something that I could never of asked him to do, ever.

That mad smile was my krypotonite.




I was nervous when I first asked Danielle on a date. The boys had made fun of me like crazy but Niall was the only supportive one out of them. He helped me choose my outfit, chinos, plaid shirt and converse, and got me in the right mood, basically he beat the sense into me with several words and lots of various food. My breath probably stunk of sour cream and onion crisps when I met with Danielle, not the most enticing smell, but as soon as I set my eyes on her, my mind began to buzz with her. She looked stunning, she was wearing a simple sleeveless button up shirt, a floral skirt and gladiator sandals in most peoples eyes she probably looked like a normal teenage girl but to me she looked like a goddess and I was going to be the god.

I can remember our first date like it was just last week, I'd loved every single minute and enjoyed ever single second. We went to the cinema, we were seeing a rom-com, it wasn't my favourite type of movie but I'd guessed that Danielle would love it, seeing as girls loved all that romantic marlarcy. We sat in the middle row, I had dithered for a second when I was booking online as to whether we would sit in the back row or not. I made my decision when I saw Harry's face appear above my shoulder and heard a light snigger,

"Your seriously gonna sit in the back row? You know that makes it look like you want to make out with her even though you barely even know her."

He was actually correct. It did make it look like I wanted to make out with her, in my mind I did, desperately in fact but in my heart I knew that it wasn't the right thing to do on the first date. I moved out of the way to let her through to her seat whilst a few people whispered around me, I didn't think that they'd recognise me there. Danielle whispered to me to sit down, it was then that I'd realised that I had been standing there, just staring at her. I blushed, thank goodness it had been dark in there, before sitting down uncomfortably in the seat. The film started and I noticed a flicker of dismay in her face. What was wrong? Didn't she like me or anything? Half way through the film I was realived to hear her finally speak to me,

"Liam, I'm cold."

I sat stiff in my seat, I didn't know what to do, suddenly, my serious mode came on saying that I needed to give her my jacket but I didn't bring my jacket, only my shirt. If I'd taken my shirt off I would of been shirtless, the seriousness faded though and revealed my romantic side, the side I had never seen before,


I muttered and put my arm on her shoulder, pulling her into me. She grinned at me in the dark, only the white of her eyes and teeth were visable. The film had reached it's climax, the main man character had seen the main girl character hugging another boy, which was just her friend but the main man character thought she was cheating on him and so they were trying to figure it out,

"Liam, do you like this movie?"

"Course I do."

Of course I didn't, it was a rom-com, what sort of strange boy my age would actually enjoy them,

"Really? I don't..."

"I don't either, it's just I thought you did so I got us the tickets becuase most girls like this sort of thing."

"Well, I'm not like most girls Liam."

"I know that, you're really special."

There was silence after I'd spoken. I began to think what people were thinking about in the cinema, I had an intrest in thinking about other people. I was pulled back to reality when Danielle disturbed my thinking, I turned towards her as she spoke,



"Kiss me."

I was stunned into silence, she was slowly moving towards me, I didn't have a choice. I'd have to kiss her. I leaned in slightly and my lips connected with hers, they were soft, full lips and were covered with a nice smelling lipstick. I didn't feel any of that firework feeling, I opened my eyes to see slightly that her eyes were open too. I managed to crack a wary smile and she did too.

After that things just got better and better until they got to the camp. We were madly in love and all our fans knew it, all the photos had been in the newspaper and so it was old news by the time the campout had arrived.

If only I'd known what Danielle was thinking when the accident struck, if only I knew what was happening in her life and it wouldn't of happened.

None of it would of happened and it was all my fault.

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