Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


49. Cut



I traced my fingers along the wounds on her wrist and forearm, each cut so deep that the scar itself was deep. She flinched slightly as I accidentally touched one of the more red ones,

"I'm sorry."

I whispered, kissing her hand and smiling half heartily,

"It's okay."

I shook my head and let all the thoughts bring themselves together in my head. I looked down, letting my hair fall down even after all the hairspray I'd put on it made it nearly rock hard. A single tear escaped from the corner of my eye, I tried to smile it away but it only came back worse, why would I smile when the person I loved was being suicidal? It wasn't a good subject to touch on, especially when I was with her. She could have not even been in my arms if she'd killed herself, she'd be lying in a coffin, lifeless, pale and thin. Lifeless. Lifeless. Lifeless. It wasn't just a tear that had escaped, they all flowed out constantly and I couldn't hide them from her anymore, I looked up and let them trail down my cheeks and off my chin. Hally stared at me, gobsmacked, I couldn't figure out why though. I was crying for her.

"What's wrong?"

She muttered, her face dropping as she looked away from her phone,


I choked, the pressure was indescribable, I couldn't be what everyone expected, I couldn't be that overly happy member of One Direction, the world famous band, when my fiance was at the most miserable point of her life. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't quit the band of course but I couldn't just say yes to everything management puts in front of us, it wasn't possible. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her hands connecting at my back, her eyes staring into mine,

"Don't cry."

Hally tried to smile at me, the corners of her mouth wrinkling slightly, this didn't stop the tears, provoke them more really. She kissed my lips softly and pulled back down so I could see her face properly, she wriggled slightly in my arms and turned around in my lap to face me,

"Don't be sad, isn't being in love meant to be great?"

I nodded vigorously,

"It is great Hals, it's amazing, but what's happening isn't."

She lifted her shirt up so her stomach was exposed, I gasped in shock and I suddenly felt so faint that I had to lay down on the bed,

"You-you did t-that?"

I asked her, my voice shaking and the moment she nodded and dropped her shirt to cover the fresh cuts covering her stomach, I passed out.

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