Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


36. Canoes and Cheese Sandwiches



"Don't fall over!"

Harry yelled exitedly as I laughed wildly, jumping from canoe to canoe, fulfilling my dare and having a heck of a time whilst doing so,

"I'm trying not too!"

I screamed back just as I began to jump onto Louis' canoe, it lurched foward sending me plunging into the freezing cold lake. I gasped in shock as I resurfaced, the water was so cold, it had knocked the last breath out of me in an instant,

"Are you alright Hals?"

Laughed Louis as he held out his hand to help me up onto the canoe,

"Yeah, I'm okay, just slightly cold, well, very cold."

I grabbed his hand and sat on the back of the canoe, laughing slightly as my teeth chattered away to themselves,

"I dare Zayn to dive in. Backwards!"

Said Niall, he sounded kind of hyper, he had drunk a couple of beers before getting in so it wasn't very surprising,

"Seriously? You want me to ruin all this?"

Zayn gestured wildly around his hair, I loved those blonde highlights of his, I seriousy think that he did that because of Perrie's hair,


We all screamed and Niall jumped over to him, slipped and sent both himself and Zayn into the freezing water I'd been in just seconds ago. I laughed as Niall emerged, in fits of shivers and yelling to get out. Zayn however, was frantically paddling but I suddenly remembered he couldn't swim and so did the rest of the boys except Niall,


Zayn was panicing and yelling for help. Perrie launched into action, jumping out of the canoe and straight into the water. She grabbed Zayn by the shoulder and pulled him onto the raft beside Harry,

"Oh, Zayn! Are you okay?!?"

He nodded whilst spitting out what was like a whole mouthful of water,

"Niall you cow. You know I can't swim!"

He choked whilst Perrie stroked his head tenderly,

"Sorry mate. Totally forgot."

Yeah, course...

Niall didn't seem to want to get out of the water,

"Niall, your going to turn all wrinkled at this rate."

Said Eleanor as she layed herself along her canoe and sunbathed. I noticed Louis paddle towards her in his canoe and the second she put her Raybans on, grab the freezing water and throw it all over her perfectly golden brown chest,


She screamed, sitting up immediatly, the freezing water dripping from her nose and hair,

"You... You..."

"Cute and sweet boyfriend that buys you  practiacally everything?"

He butted in, saying what every directioner thinks and dreams of,

"Yeah, okay."

She laughed at him but still looked seriously annoyed,

"I think we should get out now, have some lunch and play some football or something?"

"Yeah, let's get out now."

We had all moved over to the raft and I suddenly came up with an idea,

"Let's race."


"Let's race, we all jump off and race to the shacks right over there."

"What, like, swim?"

I frowned at Niall, good thing he was unbelievably cute,

"No! Fly! Of course we swim."

"Zayn you count us down."

I sat on the edge along with Niall, Harry, Louis, Eleanor, Perrie and Carol,

"3...2...1... GO!"

We all dived into the water, the freezing temprature again talking all my breath away, I noticed Harry was far ahead and that Niall was at the back. I pumelled my legs and arms as fast as I could, practically flying past Eleanor, Perrie, Carol and Louis. Eleanor was such a graceful swimmer, her beautifully tanned arms stroking through the water at a calm pace,

"I WON!"

Yelled Harry in sucess as I felt the dirt against my fingers on the floor. I stood up and flipped around my hair. I didn't realise that Harry was taking photos of me but when I saw him holding his iPhone by the shack and it was pointing in my direction I screamed in protest,


"It's your profile picture! I'm not going to post it on Instagram or anything!"

I glared at him as I went to go change but really, I wasn't even that angry, just annoyed because he hadn't asked.





I had been ignoring the texts from my crazy ex-girlfriend, I hadn't replied and I wasn't intending to. The texts were still on my phone, I blocked her number and deleted all the messages so Hally couldn't see them,

"Cheese sandwich anyone?"

Hally asked whilst holding out a large plastic container full of sandwiches, we all yelled for one and she passed one each to each of us. Hally was wearing a loose Hollister shirt and shorts and I had decided to wear the same clothes I wore when we first met properly at her sleepover, a loose white t-shirt and black skinnies,

"Can I have another?"

Moaned Niall as he pushed the crumbs off his lap, the rest of us hadn't even taken our second bites yet let alone finish them.

Niall was such a pig.


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