Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


68. California Sunset House



Time flew past in Rhodes Farm, I'd gained 30 pounds, looked even more disgusting and began to get really excited about the wedding.





"Louis? Can you come here a sec?"

I yelled from the lounge, flicking through numerous wedding venues, each one seemed utterly perfect to me,

"What is it mate?"

"I need help picking a venue for mine and Hally's wedding."

Louis nodded, leaning over the back of the sofa I was sitting on,

"They all look really nice."

He stated, suddenly he pointed at one in the middle of the screen. The most expensive but I realized why he was pointing at it. 


'California Sunset House

A Luxurious Wedding venue, perfect for the most amazing of couples, holding up to 500, this large and spacious venue offers a private pool, cocktail bar and after party services,  rooms for every guest,  24/7 room service, catering with over 200 chef's and waiters / waitresses. Set in the wild and beautiful California, this venue has everything a wedded couple could dream of.

The Whole Package is now just £50,000 (including all above features + more)'


"It's amazing."

I gasped, almost instantly clicking for more information,

"This is exactly what she would want Harry, she's gonna love it, you gotta get it now."

Louis said, stating the obvious but meaning well, I nodded in return and booked the venue, wincing as the money was withdrawn from my account but it filled me with relief knowing that it would be back, plus extra profit, in not too long.






I glanced down at my wrists, a fresh cut on each wrist and held back the imminent sob arising in my throat. I hated myself even more thinking that I had no reason to be still slicing my wrists, the only thing wrong with me was my depression, anxiety, epilepsy and Anorexia. My eyes forced themselves closed and I held my head back to try and stop the sob from bursting out of my closed mouth. There was a sudden light rapping on the door,

"Hally? Are you okay in there? You've been silent for the last hour."

spoke Tess' concerned voice, I half imagined the lines on her forehead that appeared when she was concerned from behind the locked door,

"Yeah, I'm fine. Not feeling to great that's all."

I managed to speak clearly although my mind was raging with suicidal thoughts and anxiety about the forthcoming meal. I could hear more footsteps coming from the other side of the door,

"Do you want me to go get Matron?"

Annie called, her own voice worried for my sake,

"NO! I mean, no. It's alright."

"Okay, remember dinner is in 10 minutes."

I gulped down more anxieties and stood up, flinching in pain as I let the freezing cold water run over the exposed flesh of my cuts. I knew I'd cut too deep but the pain was just too strong and I'd known in advance that the deepness I would usually cut at wasn't enough relief. I placed the razor inside a tiny box along with my other razors and locked it shut, dropping the key back onto my chest where it lay on a piece of old string. I flicked the lock off the door and swung it open to see two deeply concerned faces staring right at me,

"Show us your wrists."

they barked,








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