Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


35. Breakfast and Bikini's



We lay silent side by side, our limbs entwined, our minds tangled. Her hair was laying on my face and my hands were laying motionless under the old covers and king size sleeping bag,

"I love you."

She whispered in my ear, her warm breath tickling my neck,

"I love you too."





I woke up in the morning in Harry's arms, under green canvas. I couldn't remember much of the night before but I kind of knew that they'd released me from the hospital. I lifted head up and winced at the throbbing pain it brought,

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it just hurts a bit."

"I'm gonna go make breakfast okay?"

"Okay, thanks."

"No problem babe."

He kissed me before climbing out of the tent in only his Calvin Klein boxers. I opened up one of my holdalls and pulled out a floral print peter pan collar dress and a pair of Jack Wills tan brogues. My handheld mirror showed me the exact bedhead that I could only have knightmares about, it was practically stuck out in every direction and the massive bald patch on the back of my head didn't help either. I managed to quickly tame my hair and put it in a messy top knot before applying my eyeliner, lipstick and mascara. I stepped out of the tent like I used to enter my high school, tall, proud and fully made up. Niall glanced at me and raised an eyebrow before opening telling Carol about breakfast,

"Hey mate, what you making?"

yelled Louis through his tent door, half showing his striped shirt and burgundy hoodie,

"Bacon and eggs."

"Awesome, be out in a minute."

Harry nodded and gasped as he saw me walk towards him,

"You look...."

"Terrible I know."

"No, amazing."

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow to him, having half the back of your head shaved off and exposing a discusting stitched up gash isn't the face of beauty or head of beauty,

"Breakfasts nearly ready."

he mumbled, poking an egg with the spatula and turning the bacon,

"ELEANOR! Get out here, I need you help."

Harry yelled, nearly deafening me,

"Okay, be right there!"

Eleanor emerged from the tent looking fabulous in a combat/army style jacket, black skinny jeans and loose fitted tank top. I was really envious over her figure, she was slender, beautiful and I just loved her hair. Louis and Eleanor were perfect for eachover,

"Harry, your doing it all wrong! Your meant to put the eggs and bacon in seperate pans!"

She sounded annoyed but she still laughed when she saw Louis cartwheel out of the tent,

"I can't believe Danielle went home last night, I'm going to really miss her sense of humour, she acutally made Liam seem like a fun guy."

Louis laughed as he sat himself next to me on the thin log,

"Where is Liam?"

I whispered to Harry,

"In his tent, he hasn't came out since their fight last night, I wouldn't blame him really."


Eleanor yelled as she began to serve up the plates along with a collection of plastic cutlery. I noticed Carol coming out of the tent looking like she had after she broke up with her ex boyfriend, Brad,

"Hey Carol, what's up?"

"I'll tell you later."

She mumbled her hair falling in front of her eyes like a curtain, a curtain that didn't want to be opened any time soon. I also noticed that Niall wasn't speaking either. Had they... Broken up? They couldn't. No, that would be wrong. They are truely in love. Maybe they just had a bit of a disagreement this morning. Liam didn't budge from his tent. I decided to bring his breakfast to him,

"I'm going to give Liam his breakfast."

I muttered as I picked up his plate along with a knife and fork. I pulled open the tent door, only to see a note laying on the floor.


Dear whoever is reading this now,

I have gone back home. Don't ask why as you probably already know. Don't worry about me, I will be fine. Staying here was bringing me too much pain.

I'm sorry for spoiling your campout.



I gasped and ran to tell everyone else what had happened,

"We've only got 8 people left."

I sighed as the note fell into Harry's hand who then continued to read it out,

"I can't believe he left."

"It won't be the same canoeing without him."

"Don't worry, we can push Niall in instead!"

Louis laughed and pretended to push Niall off a canoe, instead pushing him off the log and straight onto the floor.

Harry gave me a piggyback to the shack by the lake after I had picked up my bikini and towel from my tent. He dropped me insde the girls shack and I began to change. I couldn't think of a better way to make any self conscious girl be more self concious than making them change in front of a model. She was wearing an amazing red bikini from Hollister, Carol was wearing her cute bikini from Topshop and Perrie was wearing a beautiful Versace bikini which was worth more than my entire wardrobe put together. All were really expensive and I began to feel self conscious again, I'd changed into my micro bikini that I'd bought from the Kelly Brook collection in New Look. I know it wasn't cheap but I couldn't help but see the differance in body shapes between us all. Perrie was slim, pale but beautiful with a full chest and beautiful small waist and hips. Carol had an amazing hourglass figure which I'd always envied, although she had a big chest, the bikini looked kind of big on her. Eleanor looked absoloutly stunning, she was tanned, well proportioned and cute, everything a boy wanted. Then there's me, Hally, the small chested girl who has to resort to a wonderbra to get a well sized clevage, I was tanned and slim but I had no hips, I just went straight down.

Carol grabbed my arm as I tried to leave the changing shack after Perrie and Eleanor had left,

"I need to tell you what's wrong."


Carol took several deep breathes before speaking again, this was bad,

"Niall broke up with me."

"Oh baby!!!"

I grabbed her and pulled her into a massive hug. I knew that was it! She'd been so tense with him at breakfast, they'd only said hello,

"We're just friends now and there's something else."


"I'm pregnant."




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