Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


52. Breakdown




As soon as I'd stepped inside the flat and fell into the warmth of Harry's arms, I stopped crying. His overly large hands were so protective over me as he held my frail arms,

"You've got to eat."

he whispered, positioning himself comfortably around me on the bright red sofa,

"I can't, food, well... If I eat I'll put on weight."

Harry nodded and I knew he didn't understand what I was saying,

"Yes, that's usually the point of eating."


I whispered, moving my head closer to his,

"I'm scared of eating. My body will reject it and I will be sick."

"Hals, you are sick."

I shook my head defiantly and got up from his lap,

"Where are you going?"

"The toilet."

I said as un-suspiciously as possible, dragging myself through his main corridor and into the bathroom where I shut and locked the door quietly. I stripped myself of all clothing except for my underwear, the way I did it everyday and took a deep breath before stepping onto the glass scales. I shook nervously as I waited for my weight to turn up and then it flashed on the screen. 71.4 pounds. A sob erupted from my throat and I fell to the floor, laying in a crippled heap. I'd put on a whole stone?!? I'd only weighed myself before the walk, it must of been the food Harry forced me to eat whilst we were out. A hamburger, ice cream and a slushie. I'd never eaten so disgustingly in my life. I felt so stupid and I cried so hard I couldn't even think to breath, I could feel my face burning as all the blood rushed to it and I finally let out an almighty breath which I was certain Harry would of heard. I heard footsteps run down the corridor as I began to sob even more,

"Hally, are you okay? Are you hurt?!?"

I clicked the lock with my spare hand which wasn't covering my face and as he pushed the door open, I sat rocking on the pearly tiled floor. He immediately grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes, he could see something was wrong in my eyes, the sparkle had gone, the sparkle he always loved. He grabbed me and held me in his arms, kissing me softly before running through into the living room and yelling to Louis,


I could hear a faint yell from the direction of Louis' room and Harry was sprinting out of the flat, through the double doors at the entrance and into his car parked outside,

"Hals, hold still, I'm trying to do up your seat belt."

"I don't want to go!"

I nearly screamed, it came out as a hoarse yell,

"You have to go, I can't see you end your life like this, they'll help you."

I couldn't even remember anyone that I'd seen on YouTube actually enjoy or at least manage comfortably being fed through a tube, they all hated it. I didn't want to be fed through a tube, or stay in there when I go back to sixth form, I'll miss everything. I couldn't hold up more of a struggle as a firm hand was placed on my semi naked chest and he held me down as the belt was clipped on. Harry practically slammed the door and ran round to the other side. I felt desperate, I undid the seat belt and tried to open the door. To my horror, Harry had already locked the door from the outside and was sitting next to me in the drivers seat,

"Don't make me go there, please."

I sobbed, holding his arm and feeling the warmth for one more time,

"I have to help you. I love you and this will be best for you."

I screamed, then and there. I startled Harry so much that he suddenly jerked to a stop in the car. He threw me a furious glance and started driving closer to the hospital. It loomed ahead, too close for comfort and as he drove into a parking space, I fainted.

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