Last First Kiss [DISCONTINUED]

Drama, Love and One Direction, Hally has what every directioner could ever want, but is it all it's made up to be?


14. Blue Eyes




He was looking deep into my eyes, I couldn't help but notice the time either and we'd only just finished playing Spin The Bottle,


"Nothing, it's just do you know how beautiful your eyes are?"

"Hahahaha well not really, do you know how beautiful your eyes are?"

"Yeah I do!"

I laughed and threw him my best flirty smile which I had mastered over the years. I closed my eyes and moved in for the kiss. Our lips connected for the second time today and I smiled inside my head, he really was amazing.




I was loving that smile already, it was a cheeky smile, the sort you would never get sick of seeing. I quickly and discreetly smelt by breath. Damn!!! It stunk of pizza and cola! Who the heck would want to put their mouth in that?!? I saw her moving in for the kiss, I didn't hesitate one bit and lunged in to kiss her. Our lips were pushed together and it felt... Well, how could I put this? Sensational. We were moving in synchronisation and I couldn't describe the feeling anymore. I slid my hand behind her head and pulled our bodies closer together. She twirled a strand of my hair around her finger and held it tight. I could hear Louis and Liams deep breathing behind me, they were obviously asleep and so I decided to take this one step further,

"You wanna go to the next ste-"

"Oh yeah babe."

I pulled her up and quickly span her round before lifting her up and dropping her down into the guestroom.

"I'm gonna make up a song about you."

 She grinned madly and sat down on the double bed.

"There are so many amazing things about you that I don't know where to start Carol... Your eyes, their an amazing type of blue. Can I use that for a song?"

She nodded and carried on smiling,

"Her.... Blue eyes were staring at me

when I saw her, laying beside me,

I never knew that I would feel this way..."




He was staring at me as he sang and what can I say? I was flustered as hell! And the song was absoloutly amazing!

"So I pulled her head right against mine,

just to say,

that your beautiful in every singly way

and that's how I fell for those beautiful blue eyes..."

"Niall, I love you."

"I love you too Carol."

He kissed me and pushed me back against the bed before undoing the top button of my shirt.

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