Love and Smoke

This is the first chapter to a novella that I would love to write. While the category is romance, it is many things: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, action, other. I hope that this first chapter is as engaging and interesting as I sought it to be and, if you are confused do not worry; soon I shall give you the rest of the plethora of pieces for the puzzle


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


   The school lay almost deserted. A slight smell of gunpowder remained, hanging over the grass. Each green blade had been stepped on; most were disguised with mud or brightly decorated pieces of foil. The managers of the display had just packed up their sulphur-ridden remains and were oblivious to my raw hands banging on the double-glazed window of the library. I had gotten used to the rotting smell of paper and the ominous leather stench, which seemed to force its way into my nose.

   I stopped giving my hands hell and started hyperventilating. I was disgusted at the action that proceeded but I thought it was my only option; still today I am not sure if it saved me. I screamed. My voice lashed out, mindlessly attempting to grope the attention of the ignorant fools outside. However it failed. A tear ran down my hardened cheek and rolled downwards towards the floor. The sound of it was deafening in the newly created silence. I sat down against the wall, deflated with an adrenaline crash. I was to be stuck in the increasingly scary corridor for the weekend. My eyes explored the walls, desperately attempting to find something hard enough with which to smash the glass.

   There was no such thing. Instead I got distracted. Every shadow twisted itself into the outline of a human being; muscular and heavy, panting with anger. The orange streetlight provided a hellish backdrop to my imagination. Out from the door emerged a wolf-man with fire spitting and crawling after him. His arm pulled back ready to strike. His head pointed upwards ready to howl. His claws attempted to tear into my flesh- suddenly, however, my mind decided to stop torturing me. Due to unbelievable self-restraint, I managed to relax. Some supernatural force was aiding me, soothing the electromagnetic pulses that oozed from my brain. My blood became warm again and flowed perfectly; my eyelids had an irresistible urge to close; my face met the soft, embracing strands of the carpet beneath; for a reason unknown to me, I felt completely at peace. I started to let all the stress of the past few minutes drift away. In the darkest parts of my head I began to remember the lecture at the school in which I was now trapped; the talk explored the basis of neuropsychology. I remembered a random fact; a snippet of information that I took great interest in at the time: in scenarios of extreme stress, the human brain can force the body or conscious to perform an action, which would, in effect, briefly give the person superhuman abilities. My mind started to whirr and I wondered if I had just hypnotised myself, if I had briefly achieved what normally would take years of practic-

   My thoughts abruptly stopped as I heard something that sounded like breathing; the dreamy haven that I yearned vanished beneath my feet. I began to feel warm and stood up, grasping at the window in an attempt to find the source of the noise. The grounds lay dark but empty; all lights apart from the streetlamp were off. I quickly spun around, wondering if the noise came from behind. My nose brushed against some flesh and then stopped. My eyes sprung open and locked into some stunning chocolate equivalents. I gasped but did not make a noise. I felt a warm breath on my cheek and some soft fingers grasped my hands. I felt no fear. It was dark but I could sense beauty. She leant in and whispered into my ears telling me I was safe. It was cliché but it didn’t feel strange. It felt surreal however and magic and amazing and perfect even though I felt mindless. She took my hand in hers and as I blinked we were outside.  

   We walked together up the road. She asked me where I lived and I told her, willingly. Like a dreaming Disney princess, she ran her hand across the wall, gently and tenderly and suddenly we were at the gate, which led to my house. I slowly pushed the metal door and as I turned round to thank my saviour, I realised she was gone.

   It couldn’t really have happened but it felt so real. I was drawn out of the real world and my mind became intoxicated by the mysterious but beautiful, surreal stranger. I did not hear the shouts of my angry parents or the slamming of my bedroom door or my heavy breathing on my bed. I just lay down and thought, I dreamed. My mind was whirring- trying to realise what just happened. To the sound of my reflections, I slept .

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