My Week

Claire Viola is moving to Brimloch. This is very much against her intentions which was to stay in Edinburgh until she'd finished EDINBURGH'S secondry school. Not move to Brimloch start a new school in a new town where she had no friends. Well, she hasn't started secondry school yet.

But when she finds a diary by a girl who used to live in her room, she finds herself willing the summer holidays to strech, so she can find out what happened to a young lad called John.


8. The Tenth's Entry

We went to Johns funeral today. His friends were there, and they disgraced the ground they walked on. I can't cry. I wear a black dress, and gave a speech, written in the INK John gave me. Oh John. I went home, and sat and looked out the window. John was in the tree. I saw everything happen, exactly like it had on the hill.  If there is a god up there, I felt him cruel, for letting John die, and then making me watch it like a ghostly image. I felt myself stupid for blaming someone else. I took a walk outside. Then, feeling brave I went up the hill. I was so stupid. It was cold, and every time I had something, I expected to find the bear there, smelling my blood and pleasuring in the thought of tasting it. It started getting dark and I could see it all now. I'd be hunted down by the bear, it would scare me, I'd trip over a rock or fall down a cliff...... Then something amazing happened. Aurora Borealis, or the Northen lights. Someone had painted the sky, and then fused it with magic and let the colours play across the sky. I saw things leap about, deer, eagles swooped through the colours and... a bear. there was a breif image of a bear, and a man. The bear stood up and shook hands with the man. I had a growl behind me, and suddenly I was fling down the hill, my feet a blur. I thank whoever guided me down safely. My mother hugged me hard and gasped about how she thought I was taken like John.  "I'm sa.. safe... John is safe. We went to bed, and I could hear my mothers sobs, echoing through the house.                

Penelope Greengage

I was glad Penelope was safe. I was glad John was... safe. Was this the end of my story? Was this the end of Penelope's? No. Something wasn't right. Then I found my last question. Who was Penelope Greengage? 

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