My Week

Claire Viola is moving to Brimloch. This is very much against her intentions which was to stay in Edinburgh until she'd finished EDINBURGH'S secondry school. Not move to Brimloch start a new school in a new town where she had no friends. Well, she hasn't started secondry school yet.

But when she finds a diary by a girl who used to live in her room, she finds herself willing the summer holidays to strech, so she can find out what happened to a young lad called John.


6. Scared

I stared at the tracks. My mind wouldn't process a thing. I just stared, dumbfounded. Slowly, I walked over to the camera. I picked it up, and slowly went to the videos. There was one. I pressed play. I let out a shaky breath.

"Um listen, little girl, the reason I'm not here is because, well, I was a bit scared. I heard growling and ran. Well, I'm about t- Oh God."

I could hear growling, and the filmer screamed. I sat in the shelter of a tree, and watched my mum cross the square. I had one thought, Penelope. But then I paused. Mum would know there was something wrong. So I crossed to the library and pushed open the door. 

It was a proper library. It seemed someone had chosen only books of good taste. I wandered my way through the various shelves, a faint idea of what I was looking for. Finally I found my section. A small shelf labelled "local info". Most of it was on geology or ancient clans. I tried to take out one on ancient history, but only sent something down the back. After a quick check for spiders, I reached down. I brought out a few sheats of paper. It was titled:   

                                                Brimrock Bear Attacks 

The recent attacks on the members of the village of Brimrock have been put to an end. The recent death of John Greengage angered the villagers, and they went on a bear hunt. Even after people with state of the art heat sensitive radars went up the hill, no bears were found.But when the final search party went out by the river, they found a shocking discovery was made,the bears body, along with Johns was found.It is thought he killed the bear, but in exhaustion collapsed. He will be remembered as a hero. 

I was having trouble breathing now. I ran out in to the heavy rain, drops mingling with tears of my own. If the bear was dead, what was that up on the hill, that had taken another life. Was it the bear who was supposedly killed by John Greengage? 

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