My Week

Claire Viola is moving to Brimloch. This is very much against her intentions which was to stay in Edinburgh until she'd finished EDINBURGH'S secondry school. Not move to Brimloch start a new school in a new town where she had no friends. Well, she hasn't started secondry school yet.

But when she finds a diary by a girl who used to live in her room, she finds herself willing the summer holidays to strech, so she can find out what happened to a young lad called John.


11. Deciding

 "So. Claire, you've been here a week now. So now now you have to decide. We can see you aren't happy here so... If you want.. we might be able to move back home." I had to say, I hadn't been expecting this from my mum. Strangley, I didn't jump at the chance. Jake had a girlfriend. Well, thanks to me anyway. I had made a friend of Penny. I'd tried boiled sweets. You know... Brimloch has kind of grown on me. "Home? This is home!" I laughed, and with that it was agreed. We were staying!

I went up the hill that night. The whole family did, including Jakes girlfriend, Ivy. She is awesome. We were all sat talking when something amazing hapenned. The Aurora Borealis or, the Northen Lights. I... can't describe it. But I can say I did see one thing. A bear and a man, paw and hand shaking. I smiled. "So Claire." My mum began. Uh-oh. I know that tone. "Claire, you do know you have to go to Secondry School here, right?"

Operation Cheesy Hyperactive Elf Reopened

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