My Week

Claire Viola is moving to Brimloch. This is very much against her intentions which was to stay in Edinburgh until she'd finished EDINBURGH'S secondry school. Not move to Brimloch start a new school in a new town where she had no friends. Well, she hasn't started secondry school yet.

But when she finds a diary by a girl who used to live in her room, she finds herself willing the summer holidays to strech, so she can find out what happened to a young lad called John.


7. Day 5

So now what Claire? 12.345 views on youtube. The other filmers got it on camera and it was a complete sucsess apart from the fact someone DIED. Just like John Greengage. Only that bear was alive. Not dead like the other filmer. I was responsible for the death of...... what in the world? I charged out of  bed and looked out of my window. There, in the tree, singing was the filmer. I breathed out, then went to the floorboard. It was the 10th. As I opened it, a picture fluttered to the floor, I picked it up and went white. I ran to the window and I was right. The man in the tree was the same man in the picture. The man in the picture was John Greengage.

I'd love to have let you finish the story with the man in the tree, but... before when I was dealing with a slight attitude problem, now I was dealing with the living dead. Ghosts. I looked up again and there he was. But now he was looking at the bottom of the tree, eyes wide with fear. The something got his leg and he fell. I could tell it was a bear, but.. I just looked away. Now what Claire. Then I thought of someone. Penny.

Penny was welcoming. Until I told her. She got that distant dreamy look on her face again. She finally came back and sighed. "Claire, I barely know you. But I know what its like to be young. I can't tell you to stop working out the past now, in fact, half completed mysterys gives nightmares. But the truth will not be a happy ending." I looked up from my floral teacup. "So....... you already know?" Penny nodded. I nodded then, and felt like everything was said so I left.


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