Short Stories of Angels

Lately, I have had an interest in Angels...


1. Tears of an Angel

Through clouds, Myths and Legends. There was the first Angel that cried. She still sits there, weeping. She's not stopped, after all these years. Her black, ebony like hair curls to her cheeks. Her silk, soft white dress covers her feet, not allowing any part of her to be shown. Her tears are rare in the Heavens, but on Earth. Her tears are always there. She sends them down to us, trying to tell us something. Bad things come with her tears, not good at all. Tornadoes, whirlwinds, hurricanes. But one thing of beauty, snow. Like her skin, pale, cold. But that isn't the most beautiful thing she makes, it's her eyes. They say, if you see her eyes, you'll see beauty as pure as it is. But that isn't the Legend of her that everyone knows of the most.


There is a single tear, that will fall to Earth. It will touch a girl, and their destiny will be decided. But what it is, only the Angel will know. The Legend has been passed down from the Gods to Humans, and since then. The Legend has faded as technology have developed, but those few Humans that remember think:


Life isn't about waiting for the Storm to Pass, It's Learning to Dance in the Rain, To Find the Angel's Tear...  

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