The Sweater Song

Another kind of fanfic from a Hedley song called, well, The Sweater Song. It's ridiculously cute and therefore I had to write a story. It's only short but still. I'll divide it up, too. Cheeky Jacob Hoggard as the cover. Likes, favourites and comments are always appreciated. (:


3. Chapter 3


As soon as she saw his face at the airport, she ran over to him and held him close. She never wanted to let him go.

“I’m back, darling. I’m home. I couldn’t wait to see your face. You look great, you look beautiful.” He said, leaning back to take in her features another time. It had been two months but it felt like a million years. She looked radiant, smiling from ear to ear. He was tired, very tired from nights without sleep and too much alcohol. She giggled.

“I missed you so much, baby.”

“That was way too long.” He stood back, reaching down to grab his case.

“Get over here.” She pulled him close, hugging him tight. “I need you near. I’ve been alone for too long.”

They half ran, half walked to the car, and he drove home, both of them talking a mile a minute. As soon as they got home, she handed him his guitar.

“Play me our song, the one you said about.”

A few simple chords, and the lyrics to melt a thousand hearts. She had tears streaming down her face before he’d even finished. He smiled.

“How was it?”


“Just like you, then.”

She laughed. “I love the way you flirt.”

He pushed the guitar aside and brought her close instead. “How was the weather?”

“Terrible. Fresh snow every single day, and no one to play outside with.” She mock-pouted. He laughed.

“Do you want to go out now? I’ve had too much sun for my liking.” She nodded, leaping up.

“Get out of that sweater and change into something warmer. It’s minus a billion out there.” He said jokingly. She hugged him once more.

“I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt.” She whispered in his ear.

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