Allways the same...

This book is about Gemma and her new life at high school. She gets bullied every single day by everyone except this one girl who can't be bothered. No one knows how she feels, to them it's just making a persons life miserable, to Gemma it is making her miserable
Hope you like it :D. This is a message aswell of a story, bullying is wrong and shouldnt happen. be free to like and comment, give your advice if this needs to be improved, thanks hope you like it.


4. The next day.

The next day I made my way to school without thinking about Oliver or the other bullies. As soon as I reached the gates of the school the insults started. The only person who I didn't see there was Oliver, at break, lunch, before or after school he's always there standing with his friends. I walked into the oddly small school hallway looking for Oliver and it was no use, I wonder if he's going to be in history class with Mr Gosberry. After second lesson I walk to room 26 where Mr Gosberry is sitting at his desk marking the year tens GCSE papers.

"Mr Gosberry, and I early?" I asked, I'm always the earliest person here.

"Well hi Gemma, you are a bit early but it doesn't matter, how are you? how was yesterday?" What should I say, I'll just tell him random stuff.

"I'm fine... English was was okay... Music was fun, okay."

"O-okay then just go and sit down please."

The class pupils came in one by one, handing there phones to the teacher and then sitting down while, yet again staring at me. I didn't get as many stares as yesterday, I'm just getting more insults.

"Hey, fishy, fishy, fishy, why ur eyes to wide apart?"

Oh my gosh, it was Oliver, I can't blush, cry, or laugh I just need to ignore him.

Its never going to change.

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