Allways the same...

This book is about Gemma and her new life at high school. She gets bullied every single day by everyone except this one girl who can't be bothered. No one knows how she feels, to them it's just making a persons life miserable, to Gemma it is making her miserable
Hope you like it :D. This is a message aswell of a story, bullying is wrong and shouldnt happen. be free to like and comment, give your advice if this needs to be improved, thanks hope you like it.


1. School.

As I walk into the school hallway everyone is staring at me, people say its normal but its happens more to me. The're all staring and wispering and I think it's about me. I've travelled all around England and it has been tourcher. Every school I have been to no one has accepted me, I've just been the odd one out, I will never been accepted. One reason why I'm not accepted is that I look different to everyone else, people say I have a big nose and my eyes are to wide apart, my mum says I have models eyes, I don't.

My first class started at 9:00am and I wasn't looking forward to it, there's just going to be more stares. It's all ready 8:56am and I'm shaking with nerves. As I walk into class I'm early, no ones there at least I can settle down before every one comes in. The teacher looks up at me, staring at me, I think he doesn't know me, and I'm glad.

"Why, hello there, you must be Gemma, am I correct?" Oh gosh, he knows me, great now i sound like a criminal on the run.

"Y-yes, I'm Gemma."

"There's no need to be nervous, everyone is friendly in this school."

"Well with my experience, no school is friendly to me."

"This school is friendly, just find people you would like to be friends with and start talking to them, mabye that will work, how about doing that?"

"From what I have experienced today it wasnt friendly, everyone stares and its annoying when they come in here it will start and I know it."

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