Allways the same...

This book is about Gemma and her new life at high school. She gets bullied every single day by everyone except this one girl who can't be bothered. No one knows how she feels, to them it's just making a persons life miserable, to Gemma it is making her miserable
Hope you like it :D. This is a message aswell of a story, bullying is wrong and shouldnt happen. be free to like and comment, give your advice if this needs to be improved, thanks hope you like it.


5. Its never going to change.

I walked into music where Mrs troma was sitting playing away at her piano. Like always I was early but in this lesson I don't mind, it's my favorite lesson and will always be. I have found out that being early to this lesson is good, I get to play on the piano or guitars. Everyone calls me a teachers pet and I dont care, I like to sing and play instruments. Once Oliver walked into the class room I went quiet and stopped playing the piano, I'm getting shy now that I have found out that I like him.

"Gemma, Oliver, sit down over at table one please." Oh great, I'm sitting next to him, this isn't going to go down well!

"Okay." Oliver said, he sounds happy today, it might just be the day that he's not going to make fun of me. I hope.

The whole class started to pile in, they all got to sit where ever they wanted and guess what, all of Olivers friends came and sat by me and him, great.

The lesson went by great we had to work together but they didn't make and insults. It was time to pack up and just as we were about to go out one of Olivers friends made an insult about my eyes.

"Bye fishy, fishy." God I thought it stopped. there's one thing I now know about my life, it's never going to change... Ever...

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