Allways the same...

This book is about Gemma and her new life at high school. She gets bullied every single day by everyone except this one girl who can't be bothered. No one knows how she feels, to them it's just making a persons life miserable, to Gemma it is making her miserable
Hope you like it :D. This is a message aswell of a story, bullying is wrong and shouldnt happen. be free to like and comment, give your advice if this needs to be improved, thanks hope you like it.


3. Home.

I lived through the rest of the day with only another hundred insults and two people pushing me into the lockers. I hope this isn't how they treat all the new kids, the only thing that really hurt was the insult the boy gave me in history, I can't get it out of my head, he's a real idiot even though he's kind of cute. I heard that his name was Oliver, with his amazing facial structure and brown curly hair at just the right length, he was amazing. I can't like him also I can't confess to him it will just make my life even more of a hell hole. I wish I could just ascape from my life and be someone else, it would be so nice for a change. At home is the only place I can relax, reading, writing and day dreaming, for a change its the only thing I do that makes all of my stress go away. As i was listening to my music I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in." My Mum appeared around the door holding my dinner and a glass of water.

"Hey hun, how was your first day of school?"

"It was... Great, i had so much fun." I lied, it's more like, I've have an absoloute dreadful day!!!! But I hope saying this will make us stay here for longer so I can settle down at school and actually make friends. I hope... 


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