Metal cage

My heart is protected by a metal cage, keeping out emotions. Its wire branches wrap around it, trying to keep it safe. trying to keep it, alive.


1. Metal cage

I have a metal cage,

wrapped around my beating heart,

keeping it safe,

keeping it away from,

the spiteful texts,

the vicious shoves,

and the words spat out like bullets,

piercing through,

piercing through,

piercing through my milky pale skin.

My metal cage is ruined,

from all your words,

the once silver walls now,

 dull and,

dented and,

desperatly wishing for peace on this one-sided war.

I have a tiny army,

marching through my veins,

flowing with the blood,

mending the wounds you have made.

You will not win,

I am made of,




I am undefeatable.




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