No one is that normal, right? Katherine definitely is not. After moving to a dark town which is known as TrainStop, Katherine has to deal with her life being different with no parents and not one person to look after her.


3. The secrets spill out.

It is time to write some things that have been troubling me not telling.

My name is Katherine, as I have written, and I live by myself, of course.

The real thing I wanted to write was how my parents died.

It was the fifteenth of July, my birthday, and Mum and Dad had gone out to buy me a nice big cake that I had begged and begged them for.

When they came home, I started shouting at them because they had gotten the wrong kind of cake. I was very ungrateful. They said how sorry they were and they said I come with them and get a new cake.

We went out, and I kept showing my parents pictures on the camera. I was showing them pictures of pets I wanted that I had taken at a nature watch trip the school had taken, I wanted birds, and squirrels because I loved the wild.

I showed my Mum, who was driving, a picture of a gory mess that I had taken off of the computer. I knew she hated blood and gore, that was something she just could not stand. And I had scared her to much she was nearly sick. Dad and I were laughing until she lost control of the car. We swerved from left to right and left to right and Dad managed to open my door. He helped me out, even how fast we were going and I landed on some soft grass. I looked back to see if they were out of the car.. And all I saw was the car swerving and landing in a lake.

I rushed over to them and I watched the car sink in the lake. I dived in.

The car was at the bottom of the lake, and I just reached it when my breath was running out. I managed to hold it a little more an I reached out to open my Mum's car door. It was stuck. My Dad's was stuck too. I looked inside the car. Both of their faces were lifeless, it wouldn't matter if the door was open, they had drowned.

It was my fault they had died.


And to this day, that has haunted me forever.

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