No one is that normal, right? Katherine definitely is not. After moving to a dark town which is known as TrainStop, Katherine has to deal with her life being different with no parents and not one person to look after her.


4. The ending

I didn't like the thought of living as I did anymore.

This has been my story I am telling you, it may not be interesting, it may be short, but to me, this is the tale of a stupid little girl who thought nothing of those she loved, and she didn't know it until they were gone. So think this story is bad all you want, but to me, this is the most sick thing that has happened. To me.

I hated everything that had happened. And something else I haven't said, was that I just left the car there. I left and I went home. I smashed the other cake and then I sat and cried. I wanted to die myself.

But now I know.

Now I know that I should've died that night, not that I lived, because how nice my Father was. I was technically a killer.


Two days later, I went out to the lake for the first time after the crash. I'm pretty sure I saw the roof of the car.

It was the end for me. I dived in, under the surface and down to the car. Mum and Dad were still there.. Their bodies not harmed. Not touched. I climbed into the back seat, from where the door was torn open, and I sat down. It was hard to sit from the pressure of the water, but I managed. I sat and I clipped my seat- belt in.

I whispered I love you to my parents, which came out as bubbles, and I sat there with my seat- belt, like my parents.

After a while, I lost my breath. This was how it was meant to happen.


                                                                           The End

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