No one is that normal, right? Katherine definitely is not. After moving to a dark town which is known as TrainStop, Katherine has to deal with her life being different with no parents and not one person to look after her.


2. School

But being lonely didn't affect me on school days. Yes, I went to school. I didn't let the teachers know at all that I was an orphan, not at all, and I never would let them know.

I went to school most days, but the days I didn't I had written notes and called the school in my best adult impression saying I had some condition that I might be off on some days. I didn't let on at all. Mum and Dad might be disapointed in me, wherever they were, but I was just going to have to let them down this time.

Sometimes the people in school wanted to come to my house, I said my Mum was very shy and my house was ages away, not a very good lie.

I wore the clean school clothes I had, which I kept in a cupboard that had nothing in it except all my perfume and scents that I still managed to keep.

School was the only place I enjoyed, even though I only went a couple days a week.

I never really had anything else to do. If only Mum and Dad were still alive.

If only.

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