No one is that normal, right? Katherine definitely is not. After moving to a dark town which is known as TrainStop, Katherine has to deal with her life being different with no parents and not one person to look after her.


1. Daylights end.

The sun set into the darkness that covered the sky. The house drenched to blackness. I couldn't afford to pay the electricity bills, so I was in bed already by eight. It was Winter, and it was nearly one of the coldest nights I've had without heating. I had to cuddle up in my bed with twelve blankets that I had manage to rustle up out of the cupboard. My bed wasn't comfy anymore, it was covered in dinner stains and mud, and it was lumpy. I couldn't go out and buy a new one like my Mother or Father would, I had to deal with it. That was another problem, dealing with things. I couldn't cook. Because I had an electric cooker, there was no possible way of cooking. I had ended up with tins. Cold tinned beans, tinned fruit, cold tinned soup. My ' luxury' was feasting out on months and months out of date lumpy ice- cream or soggy blue- patched bread. There was no fun in living by yourself, with no parents. I wished now that I had gone to a orphanage, but it was way to late.

All I had to do for fun was sleep, or read the books that I had left, or go out long walks. I know by now anyone who hears this would of gone to someone they know, or gone to the police. But I don't want to. My Mother and Father wouldn't be able to see me not with them. And I couldn't do that, not to them, even if they were gone.

I missed them more than I had thought, I couldn't survive without them. It wasn't just that I was poor or anything, I was lonely too.

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